Just got off the phone from a woman in Ohio, who runs a smaller cattle operation.  She was having trouble posting in the classifieds (new classifieds coming real soon).  She said Steer Planet has been vital for smaller operations on helping getting the word out.  She had successfully sold a bull via SP that was shipped out to California.


UPDATE on New Classifieds/Auctions - we are in testing phase right now and fixing a few small issues.  I really could roll it out right now, but want to future proof a bit, by getting everything setup correctly. The last bit of detail comes is with verification.  To post a classified, all you need is a valid email address.  To post an auction or bid an auction, I want to take one step further and require 1 piece of information that can be verified.  The choice is a credit card on file (which will never be charged) or text message to your phone.