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--- Quote from: Tooker on March 03, 2009, 02:32:51 PM ---DLCC Hefner 7248T... PB Maine Anjou. BPJV Hotline X DVMM Western Lady (Maternal sister to Jazz). Champion AOB AZ National & Reserve @ Tulsa State Fair. His pedigree was no accident and came from Hartmann's! First calves are on the ground in OK and are very pleasing. 80-92 pds no pulls and STOUT! Please PM me for more information. TH/PHA Free, Homo Blk, Homo Polled, Homo Solid Color Pattern! 1/2 Possession 1/2 Semen Interest Available. As of this week I have him with Universal Semen, SEK/Genetic Horizons, Stepping Stone Genetics and Cattle Visions! The work is done just need a good partner. Thank you for your interest. You can also view our Simmental bull for sale on our Sires/Donors page @

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Fall possession still available on Hefner! Semen for sale at most of the major distributors! Calves are AWESOME! Come easy and flat turn it on at 30-45 days old.

TMJ Show Cattle:
I wanna see some calf pictures.There have been some post on here that someone was wanting a maine bull with some guts. Appears this fellow has plenty.Does he transfer the volume? Is he a cow changer...Nice bull for sure

what ever happened here?  or with this bull...? it is said the calves 'come easy', but in what environment? has there been any experience with him in a commercial market?


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