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repair semen /liquid nitrogen tanks


Has anyone ever had their semen /liquid nitrogen tank repaired or recharged once it quits holding nitrogen? If so, were the results positive? Where did you have it done? Any info appreciated....
Would you want to take a chance on a tank that was having trouble holding nitrogen.  I would get a new one.  My luck,  I would supposingly fix it buy lots of semen to only find a dry tank the day I need to breed a cow. :o

Semen tanks CAN be repaired and perform to like new status!  I am with a company called Cryotec, Inc. and all we do here is repair cryogenic containers - liquid oxygen tanks, nitrogen dewars, supply tanks, etc.  A cryogenic tank is not a machine and it doesn't have moving parts.  Once leaks are repaired and a new vacuum is pulled on the tank, it's ready for service again.  We can repair all makes and model of the nitrogen dewars.  Call me if you still have a need.  Hopefully you didn't chuck that tank. 

Breanna Dyer
1-800-279-6832 or 1-800-313-0182


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