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Semen for Sale on Several Gambles Bulls


First for $25 a straw
Gambles Jaguar - Hot Rod x Lovana cow
Gambles Convoy - Full Sib to Hot Rod/Famous 7001 X 703

Second for $20 a straw
Gambles Undertaker - Elixir 100 x 703
Gambles Back Up - 9FB3 Fullback x Champion Hill Shadoe 2062
Gambles Burn Out - Hot Rod x Champion Hill Dutchess 377
Gambles Dividing Line - TC Dividend x 703
Gambles Candy Man - Lutton x 703
BC Longshot - Legend x Gibbet Hill Mignonne E37

Third for $10 a straw
Bushs Ambition 507 - Bushs Big Time 452 x Bushs Blackcap Gal 507
SAV 5175 Bando 0395 - 5175 x S A V Etta 7329
Gambles Playmaker 899 - Hot Rod x Champion Hill Lady 2455

We have a large amount of semen on all these bull that have been used numerous times by breeders around the country as well as in the Gamble herd with tremendous success.  No matter if you are look for maternal genetics or genetics that will work in the show ring give any of the proven bulls some serious thought.  If you have any question please contact myself at 423-507-2322


how are the Gambles undertakers calves turning out? Thanks


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