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Anybody got any good guesses?  No, this isn't a trivia question or joke, I'm being flat out dead serious!  We raise brahma's and this is the first winter since we've started raising them that it has been this cold that their ears have frozen and had frost bite.  My son's first calf that we had born on our place was a beautiful heifer calf born in July.  Got up one day this week and her cute little banana peel ears were now bobbed and squared off.  Talk about sick.  And one of them is a good inch shorter than the other. 

I had someone suggest two fuzzy wool socks and sew a piece of elastic or webbing to the two of them across the poll and just slip them on but I don't know.  Any other suggestions?  They were even barned and everything and still got it!  We've had over 5 inches of ice on the ground now for approximately a month and have more coming on monday.   :P

Are they SURE the ground hog saw his shadow? 

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Actually we had this topic under cold weather calves. Some of the suggestions were, duct tape, ear muffs for calves- Sullivan's sell them & old socks. I know exactly what your talking about, I thought my calf that was born in -5 had lost hers. we just kept rubbing them. There are a couple of threads of calving in the cold & also there is an article on the front page called baby it's cold outside.
good luck!

Red (cow)

here is part of the previous thread:

Ears - the only frost bit ears I ever had were in March - I have tried a variety of things but the thing that seems to work the best is this funky thing I got from REI (actually for myself -the sacrifices we make) - it is a nyalon tube about 15 or 18 inches long that can be twisted and tied in a variety of ways when backpacking or doing outside things - they are French and I can't remember the name - slide one over the calves head, with the ears pinned to the head and voila - nice warm ears. I think the trick is keeping them next to the head - I tried the stocking bit but I dont wear them and having friends donate them seemed a little tacky, plus they didn't really work that well and the calf looked like a bank robber! I know people that just duck tape them to the head  - I can't do that 

If we found them already cold and wet when the calf was new, we would take a hair dryer to them for a bit.  Then, for them to stay warm when the weather doesn't, keeping them close to the head will help.  That is what the suggestion above is about.  Some people just use duct tape.  Putting old socks under the duct tape might work too (less sticky to the head).

Basically the ears need to be kept next to the head to stay warm - the old cowboys ( and deep  ;D) use the duct tape method - I could never quite get into that! Some people use stockings (ie nylon - like I have any around  ;D ;D) and slide it over the calves head leave the nose and mouth out (they look like band robbers!) - and pull ove the eyes . I never found those to handy. I did discover these things called "Buffs" from France and sold by one of the camping stores - REI I think, but maybe not - they are like 18 inch nylon tubes that I wear - you can tie them into hats, all sorts of funky things wear as a turtle neck - they pull right over the calves head and keep those big floppy ears in place - worked great for me this year (and it was evil cold) ....they could work well with your long floppy Brahmer ears!  (cow) (cow) DL


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