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NEW MOD - Member Map - Really Cool

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A great idea by RSC and Red led to the latest modification - Member Map.

It allows any Steerplanet Member to stick a pushpin where they live.  Each pushpin is linked back to the member by clicking on the pushpin or clicking on the member's name on the right.

To view the member map, go to
or click the link on the green menu bar.

To put in your pushpin, update your profile and put in a pushpin.  You can easily update your profile by going to the link below.;sa=forumProfile

Use the zoom feature to put your pushpin in your actual town, but I would not put your exact address.

Let me know if you have any questions and what you think?


 Pretty Cool!!! (clapping)

That is WAY cool, thanks

Neat.  Now I have a question.  Is there a search on SP where you can just search the forums?  If not that would be a great add on.


there's a little link up at the top of pages you are reading called search.  the search on the home page doesn't provide the same results for some reason.


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