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Title: Feeding for the new trend and preventing Fungus
Post by: 2TLivestock on August 29, 2016, 02:32:00 PM
I'm trying to get some answers for a customer of mine. Where we live moormans, purina and local co-op type feeds are available. They are using moormans...and want to start wet feeding. I wet fed textured feed growing up but there are better feeds out there I know. What is so different from the feed the southern guys are using? There are so many more supplements out there than when I was younger...what actually does any good? They need fill, cover and/or muscle definition. They currently feed natural fit with the feed. They use egg drench, and/or fire water and a few others when prepping for the show about a week out. They are sprint them once a day. Plus they get some alfalfa to keep the lambs guts happy. Most of the lambs have medium shag when I sell them and are just nice solid lambs.....I know a lot of getting them to finish right is genetics and my genetics aren't to far off. But I also know they/I can be feeding and fitting them better. How do they keep the shag? When I younger I was told not to mess to much with the shag so you don't pull it out....but I don't think that is true? Also they have a lamb they can't get the fungus to go away on...they have an iodized salt block, have used fluid film, bleach and water, fungus cream, Sullivan's fungus fighter....that lamb keeps reinfected the others that are with her. That is all I have ever use to fight fungus and it's always worked fairly quickly. I don't know what else to get to help them.
Title: Re: Feeding for the new trend and preventing Fungus
Post by: Danielle1018 on September 07, 2016, 01:57:18 PM
The best thing I have found to fight fungus is a product called Envirosep. It is a disinfectant spray for human use. Have used it in goats and it works wonders. As far as feeding goes the best product I have found to put cover on an animal quickly is the purina supplement Powerfuel. It is a highly fat based supplement that will really help them put on some extra conditioning. Good luck to you.