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Getting goats to eat and gain weight


This is our first year raising meat goats and we are struggling to get the goats to eat as much as we would like and we are falling behind on weight gain.  Any ideas for supplements that we can use to increase their intake and rate of gain.  The goats have been wormed and seem to be doing OK but aren't gaining the 0.5 lbs. per day that we were expecting.

Goats need to feed themselves on forage/browse except during periods of bad weather conditions in order to be profitable meat animals. This is as true of breeding stock as of their slaughter offspring, because these traits transmit from sires and dams to their kids.

Full disclosure I work for BioZyme the makers of Sure Champ and Vita Charge, but they are two products I would definitely take a look at. This testimonial from a customer sounds a lot like what you are dealing with -

If you don't need the protein Concept-Aid Goat mineral will also stimulate appetite and allow your goats to utilize their base feeds more efficiently. Pfeiffers in Oklahoma are also big supporters of our products and even use Sure Champ in their creep feed.


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