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Title: Meat market goats-when to start exercise and supplements?
Post by: jcarr492 on June 28, 2017, 03:08:04 PM
My son has two meat market boers for our county fair in October.  One feb born and one march born.  Feb wether is currently at 73lbs and March wether is at 67lbs.  Our fair has rules of weight between 75-135lbs on day of show. This is our 4th year in showing.  Just when we think we know what we need to know, we still question ourselves.  He has him halter/lead broke, spends everyday with them in the pen walking them, practicing setting up, and has started trying to get them brace.  We will be attending the Texas A&M Goat camp in July which we are very excited about.  But what he wants to know is, when should he really start working them: like on a treadmill and sprinting them?  We have a treadmill we rigged up last year, but I guess we really didn't know what we were doing as it really didn't show a difference in the goats.  How long do they go on the treadmill?  Do we walk them backwards, forwards, both?  On an angle or no?  For how long and how many days a week?  When should we start sprinting/running them?  We don't have a track.  All we have is a semi long gravel driveway and a county road out front of the property.  Do we run them only from the end of our driveway to their pen or should we take them down the county road and start from there?  Will they run back to their pen from the road or will they try to run off the sides to other property?  Supplements?  In the past we've used Purina High Octane Champion Drive.  They are on Purina Impulse show goat feed currently.  Because that is what we have locally available.  We've always started the supplement in August, but wondered if we should start in July?  Any advice or tips are welcomed.
Title: Re: Meat market goats-when to start exercise and supplements?
Post by: ska on June 24, 2019, 04:21:56 PM
hello. yes. i would start them on a treadmill 1 month before your fair. with an angle. 15 min about 3 times a week at least. i don't know a lot about supplements. stand alone is really goos for fat and minerals. and run them everyday for 10 min each. but when you run your goats, do not run them and put them on a treadmill. alienate days.

hope this helped. good luck.