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Wanted Show lamb supplies


I'm a 4-Her looking for a Good blower, Lamb stand and a set of good Lister Show lamb clippers Located around Cedar Rapids, Iowa. If you have any other show lamb supplies (Blankets, drencher, halters, fans , Ect.), I might be interested to.



I have a steel lamb stand that is in really good shape! It actually just got redone as an project for FFA. I think I saw that you are from Iowa... I'm from Ohio so this might be impossible but I would make you a great deal.

Dont forget to check out the goat & lamb show supplies.. we got the goat pigment that will put the pigment back in their butts.. we got equalizer hair stimulator, check out the protein hair therapy too!! L & M sure-shine is taking the show industry by storm!! Check out a line of all the products at or call nancy at 812-797-1961. You will have never been any happier that you did!!! All the champions use it.


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