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The Big Show / Re: Husfeld at Ft. Worth 2018
« on: February 07, 2018, 04:51:17 PM »
I have a few distinct thoughts on this one with specific examples:

The overall impression we have of him would have been a lot better if they took his microphone away and just let him talk to himself.  He made himself sound like an idiot with his reasons:
  • He pulled many calves over the last two years that were completely locked up on the backend.  He invariably talked about how sound those individuals were. He went out of his way to find one in his lt wt angus class this year and actually moved the animal up to 2nd.  The reserve exotic last year was easily the most crippled up calf on the backend I've ever seen place at a major.  I'm convinced he doesn't know how a steer is supposed to walk.  I'm actually ok with a judge that doesn't care if a steer can walk good - I think we tend to overemphasize it.  But don't call one of those sound.
  • I think he massacred the Herefords and polleds again this year.  But overall, he did a better job this year than last.  I think I figured out what his primary triggers for pulling a calf were:  had to be very pretty necked, put a lot of emphasis on length (last year to the detriment of depth, not as bad this year), and generally had to be a show steer.  For whatever reason, "tree trunk legs" scared him off.  I saw many a good calf hit the gate in exotics if their legs were overdone.  You had to clip those legs down tight.
  • I've never seen a judge poke at calves with his fingertips when feeling of them.  But I'm 99% sure when he talked about correct finish he meant not too fat.  I branded a Class 9 last year that would never have been fat enough for most judges.  In fact I pulled the calf out of the sale and showed him in Houston because I didn't consider him "done".
  • Most of the calves he pulled were really good calves, it's BS to say otherwise.  But there would always be one or two in each class that made you scratch your head.  Most of the "good ones" that hit the gate, especially this year, were ones the fitters didn't adapt to the judge and clip them a little tighter.  Or they were just flat out too fat.  If you ever actually butcher and eat one of these things yourself it's hard to say he's wrong about that.  Most judges want steers way too fat nowadays.
  • It's always fun to listen to folks raise hell about the Ft Worth judge.  We like every other judge.  We hated Mark Johnson.  Before that we hated the guy from Colorado that judged before Jensen.  In between, we liked Jensen and Shike.  Reality is its a hell of a touch show and good ones are always going to get missed.  I just hated listening to this one talk

I don't know what this says about me, but this is the first judge that I branded every calf (3)my boys showed in front of them.  I had two 6ths last year (Class 8 & 9) and 3rd in Class 5 this year.  All three calves did well enough everywhere else we went with them all year.

And I'm extremely pissed at the Class 5 winner this year that weighed out by 126 lbs.  Chickenshits...

The Big Show / Re: Old clubby Bulls before my time- calling experts
« on: December 15, 2015, 10:13:26 PM »
Full Form was a very good Full Flush son that Bill Cody had.  Breed him to % Maine females or if you wanted to expirament on any dumpy carrier Char x females.  I used him a fair bit and got along well before Heat Wave took over.

Bulls from Alias's "generation" have much more structural trouble than the younger generation.  In my opinion Monopoly is hard to beat if you want good haired calves.  I like Unstoppable as well.  Itallian Stallion looks to be the real deal also.  Walks Alone/BIMs could have some real attitudes in your scenario where the mommas might be kind of wild and not messed with much until weaning.

If you want colored calves with hair, I'd look hard at Texas Tornado and Gold Rush.  Those two can give ugly cows the look and are pretty consistent in how they breed and your cows should give them enough growth.

You need to be breeding a lot more than 10 to give yourself a decent statistical chance of getting a good steer.  Your odds would be a lot better with 50.

The Big Show / Re: Believe in Me or Walks Alone
« on: April 24, 2015, 11:02:57 PM »
BIMs have a little more potential to be real good.  They tend to have more grow and will wait to finish at the 1350+ mark.  Walks Alone calves tend to be "piecey".

I've had around 20 of them.  Heifers actually seem to be pretty gentle.  Only had one WA steer in the "batshit crazy" category.  My son still has a rope burn scar across the top of his hand 2 yrs later.  Never had a truly gentle one.  Branded one WA steer at FW year before last.

The Big Show / Re: Houston livestock show
« on: April 22, 2015, 03:43:44 PM »
While we are giving "updates", this information is likely useful to many parents trying to decide just what their budgets are for buying calves.  You certainly can't count on making the sale at Texas majors, but placing calves pay pretty decent money nowadays. If you wonder why steer jocks have jacked up prices tremendously this year, keep on reading.....

My boys branded four steers this year:

Two crossbred steers at Fort Worth - a 3rd and 7th.  3rd brought $9769 and 7th brought $9371.  They sell by the pound and most of that difference was in weight.  There is some fluctuation in prices for placing calves, but Fort Worth does a wonderful job of keeping the price up through the sale.  They also pay quick - show is first week of Feb and we had checks on Mar. 4.

First place Class 3 Chi at San Antonio - Paid $7396.  He brought $3500 in the ring, you keep market price, plus they tacked on the difference at the end.  We had no idea how much we were getting till we got the check on April 2.  For a little humor, my son had to write like 60 thank you notes to all of the individuals that contributed to that total price.  His hand was about ready to fall off.

6th Place Class 4 AOB - check for $2250 should come around end of May.  A bonus check will come in September, should be bigger than last year.  I suspect total price on calf will be around $6K.

The Big Show / Re: Texas Tornado
« on: March 31, 2015, 12:13:10 PM »
There have been several pretty good fall borns I've looked at in person for sale this spring.

There were a couple that did a fair bit of winning last year in Texas.

The Big Show / Re: Cow Choking on Placenta
« on: March 30, 2015, 07:22:50 AM »
Same category as one getting struck by lightning.  Quit looking for stuff to worry about.

Head is too long and poll is too prominent.  They have to be pretty round across top.

The Big Show / Re: Houston Livestock Show - How's it work?
« on: March 21, 2015, 12:32:46 PM »
They had signs up everywhere explaining it in detail.  Auction proceeds, value of carcasses (HLSR actually sells the meat as a fundraiser), and donations go into one big pot.  You'll get the guaranteed amount at the end of May.  Second bonus check comes about Sep.  bonus should be bigger than last year.  Their "preselling" was 10-25% ahead of last year.  Depends on how much shows up today.

My bet is a stone bruise (unless she actually has something i.e. a nail in the bottom of her hoof).

If it was higher up, I don't think soft ground would make a difference.

Short answer is keep her off hard ground.

I could tell a long story about a Fort Worth steer we had three years ago that had one so bad I never washed him at the show till the morning of.  He sucked it up on the sand in the ring and never gave a hint anything was wrong.  Wound up 4th in Class 10.   Limped all the way back to the stall.

The Big Show / Re: san antonio screwed up worse than before?
« on: February 24, 2015, 09:48:36 AM »
Steer show is fine.  Not sure what the deal was during heifer show, but barn is fine this week.

The Big Show / Re: Duff sale
« on: February 21, 2015, 09:36:56 PM »
I was there.  Watched all the cows and about half the bulls.  Bought one of his Aberdeen + for use on our heifers.

Top cow was Lot 1 at 75k I think.  Top Aberdeen + brought $50k I think

The Big Show / Re: When is it considered overkill?
« on: February 18, 2015, 08:41:25 AM »
Nobody should be expected to take a lesser calf to a county show.  In my opinion, the bigger problem in the original case is it sounds like nobody else is trying hard enough to give the "big spenders" competition.  It's not that hard to either find competetive animals at reasonable prices (<$5k) or to raise them yourselves.  Something is wrong if there is that big of a difference in animals.

Show steer prices at high end traders are amazingly high now.  They buy those steers from breeders.

People that pay those prices are paying a premium for knowledge and service, much more so than the animal. Good steer prospects are as common as fleas now. 
People that gripe about how much somebody else spends usually are just as guilty of wanting a shortcut as the ones that spend that money.
If you are willing to put in years learning to pick them, feed them, and show them you can compete with anyone, certainly at a county level.  But it does literally take years. You don't just walk in off the street and do it. 

Are you sure you know how much they spend or does everyone just think they know?  Nobody I know ever tells that.

The Big Show / Re: san antonio screwed up worse than before?
« on: February 17, 2015, 07:11:32 PM »
I much prefer stalling at Houston to Ft Worth.  Ft Worth doesn't give even give you one space for calf.  You have to rotate in the tie outs.

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