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The Big Show / Lutalyse advice
« on: September 04, 2014, 02:33:32 PM »
I did something dumb this morning and I need advice.

I have 2 show heifers and a show bull, all 11 months old. I was in a hurry to get a heifer clipped this morning. The bull got in with the other heifer. She wasn't showing any signs of heat so I, like a fool, left him in there and took the calf to get clipped. I come back an hour and a half later and the bull is mounting the heifer. Way too young to breed!

I got them separated. The heifer wasn't holding her tail up but I don't know what happened while I was gone. She is very much in heat now (standing and trying to mount the other heifer).

I show these three animals a week from today at a fair.

I'm wanting to give this heifer a shot of lutalyse. When's the best time to give it after a breeding? Should I give it before or after the fair? If I give her the shot before the fair, will it affect her at the show?

Just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. She's a sweet little calf and I just want make sure I'm doing everything right. Thanks in advance.

The Big Show / Selling Cattle Across State Lines
« on: May 06, 2014, 11:48:10 AM »
I live in Missouri and I have someone from IL buying one of my heifers. What all is required to get the heifer across state lines? I am assuming health papers and a brucellosis shots from a vet. Anything else? I've never sold cattle to someone in a different state before so tell me all you can. Thanks!

The Big Show / 3C Sturdy
« on: January 29, 2014, 08:08:56 AM »
I was wondering about the simmental bull 3C Sturdy. Has anyone used him on heifers? What do his calves look like? Does he do any good in TAI? I was thinking of using him on some pb simmental heifers and maybe some simangus heifers. I noticed he was old and had pretty accurate EPDs so I figured someone has used him.

I just started AI breeding my own cows in 2012. I am really liking my AI calves so far and am interested in knowing what possibilities it can bring. I am hoping to start getting cattle that do a little better in the showring but still make good cows. My future father in law is letting us use his old tank. Right now we're making sure it isn't leaking before we store any semen. We were renting tanks.

I am open to any simmental suggestions. I am thinking about using Fat Butt on some cows. I have been using Uno Mas on everything (I really like those calves) but I figure I better start picking other bulls too.

The Big Show / Kent's Winning Fill
« on: September 09, 2013, 02:47:14 PM »
I got two bales of Winning Fill recently. I have never used this product but have heard great things about it. I noticed that there are no feeding directions on the bag other than you can feed it leading up to the show or just on show day. Since I only have two bales I will use it on show day only.

My questions are: How much do you guys give per calf? And are there any other things I should know; someone told me to feed it wet, is that true? Tell me anything I should know. Thanks in advance. :)

I show two bred heifers this Thursday and a bull calf and a year old heifer on Friday. :D

The Big Show / Black Velvet
« on: August 11, 2012, 11:38:47 AM »
I decided to try dyeing my show heifers this year. Two of them have a red-ish tint to them and usually it seems like the dark, shiny black ones place a little better. I went to MFA this morning and they had 5 bottles of it left so I bought it all.

I have been searching old topics on steer planet to try to find some tips on dyeing. This answered some of my questions but I have a few more if anyone can help me. There was a website listed on the black of the bottle I noticed that was supposed to have dyeing tips but I couldn't get it to load.

My fair is in a month so I have a little bit of time.

- On the black of the bottle it said that you do not have to use Kleen Sheen. I was just wondering if you can and does it help? From the way it sounds on the instructions, Black Velvet can dry the calf's hair out pretty bad.

- I have 3 heifers weighing between about 600-850 lbs each. Do you think that 5 bottles will be enough for all three? Will adding Kleen Sheen dilute it down a little and make it go further? If nothing else, I could just dye the two with the worst red tints to them. The one heifer has pretty dark hair.

- All 3 of my heifers have white on them. All of them have white bellies, 2 have white faces, one has a white tail and white topline, and one has a white streak in her switch. I read on an old topic that Vasoline would keep white spots safe. Is this true? How much would I have to cake on there (seems like it would be hard to wash out)?

- Do you usually dye before or after clipping. I thought I would clip them about 2 weeks before the hair, not use any soap on them for about a week, then dye them a week before the fair. I thought I could use Revive and vinegar on them like crazy to keep them from drying out. Does this sound right?

Sorry about all the questions; I've never dyed anything before and I'm a little nervous! I just want them to look their best. I think they are the best looking group I've ever had and I don't want them being placed low because they aren't super shiny black like a lot of the others probably will be.

Any other tips would be appreciated as well! Thanks in advance!!  ;D

The Big Show / Wave Tamer
« on: July 30, 2009, 10:08:24 AM »
I noticed a product on Sullivan's website called Wave Tamer that is supposed to take the curl out of hair. Has anyone tried it? If so, how well does it work?

 I have a bull with way too many waves in his hair and I need something to help me get it out. The best thing I've found so far is a curry comb but it takes forever. Thanks everyone!  ;D

The Big Show / Simmental bulls
« on: December 15, 2008, 11:52:50 AM »
I'm thinking about getting some of my cattle AIed for next year and I was wondering about some simmental bulls. I've been looking at SVF/NJC Mo Better M217 and HTP SVF In Dew Time. I really like Mo Better because he looks good and has a white face and I've heard good things about In Dew Time.

Has anyone used these bulls before? How are they on birthweight and how do the calves look? Also, do you have any other recommendations on good black simmental bulls?

I want to breed 3 heifers and 2 cows who had 1 calf so far. 1 of the heifers is a smokey commercial heifer (angus x simmental x charolais) and the other two heifers are PB black simmes (both are MT bull x Black Jet). The two cows are PB simmentals too. (MT bull x Black Jet and MT bull x Cadillac). I can post some pictures too, if it helps.

Thank you.  :D

The Big Show / Horse Registrations
« on: April 07, 2008, 04:12:56 PM »
This doesn't relate to cattle but it does relate to livestock but I'm posting it anyway. My mare had her foal today.  ;D I have a few questions for the horse people.

My mare is a registered appaloosa horse. She's a red roan/leopard like the traditional appaloosas like you see on those old westerns. The sire is a registered paint with no spots. He's a blood bay with a blazed face (he's heavily quarter horse influenced).

The colt has a red face/neck with a white body with leopard spots. He has a black mane and tail. He's one of the neatest colored colts I've ever seen before. He's a spunky one too.

I know it's probably a little early to ask this but I'm really excited.  ;D Can I get the colt registered?
I read somewhere that you can register a horse that's marked up like an appaloosa in the appaloosa assoication as long as they're casterated. I also found this webpage today when I was searching:
Have any of you ever registered a horse this way?

My mare had a solid colored filly last year but sadly she lost it because she had a bad bag. This year we checked her milk directly and it was good.

I haven't taken a photo of him yet because the mare was pretty annoyed we were messing with him so much in the first place. I might later when I go out and feed though. He's marked very uniquely.

Thanks in advance.  ;)

The Big Show / Uniform Herds
« on: March 22, 2008, 06:50:54 PM »
I was just wondering how many people try to breed calves to look almost identical to one another? I don't know of many people in real life who do this was curious if anyone on this site has a uniform herd.

I have my three simmental heifers (half sisters - same sire) bred to the same bull. I'm really excited to see how the calves look. I have one due sometime this summer, another in November, and the last in December. 2 are solid black and the other is a black baldy and the bull is a black baldy as well.  ;D I talked to a bunch of people and they said the calves should be nearly identical.

I also ended up buying two more half sisters to my current three but they're still with their mamas. I buy them young because I plan on showing them as well.

So, does anybody else have an entire herd of half sisters? How similar do their calves look?

I'm excited to see my simme babies when they're born.  ;D

The Big Show / Creep Feeder
« on: October 26, 2007, 05:22:05 PM »
This might seem like a strange question but I'm going to ask it anyway.

Is there a trick to getting your calves to eat out of a creep feeder?

We just got this creep feeder last winter and the calves last year loved it. We used to always feed them on the other side of an electric fence so they could crawl under it and eat and the mamas couldn't get any. We wanted to keep feed with them all the time because the ended up spending half of the day waiting for a bucket of feed. They loved the creep feeder.
We got rid of these calves in late summer but we have two 4 month olds left that take no interest in the creep feeder. We now have a newborn baby and I would like for him to start eating out of it too but he's still pretty small.

I set the smartlick minerals kind of close to the feeder so maybe when the mamas are licking that, the babies could find it, but no luck so far.

We're going to have some more calves soon and that feed really made a difference in our cattle last winter. I would like these to do the same. Is their a trick?

Thanks. :)

The Big Show / Heifer Problem
« on: October 15, 2007, 07:15:20 PM »
I have been having a lot of trouble getting a certain heifer bred and was wondering if someone here could give me some advice. It's a long story..

I got this certain simmental heifer when she was about 11 months old to show and breed, she is my oldest heifer. She was an April 2005 heifer and she was looks excellent. The breeders had statisics on her mother and on average, she produced a calf every 12 months. When my heifer turned 12 months old she started coming in heat every few weeks (and from what I've seen in my other simmental heifers, this is normal). She wanted everyone to know she was in heat. She bawled, she rode other heifers/cows and teased the bull across the fence. Well I trained her and showed her and it seems like the more excerise she got, the more often she came in heat. She even came in heat the day of her biggest open show (she tried to butt the judge and was riding gates - needless to say she didn't place too well. Oh well, she got first in FFA).
I don't own a registered simmental bull but my uncle has a pretty neat 2004 Ameritrade son and he agreed to let me use his bull to breed my heifer. He's pretty good about loaning cattle, at the time he owned an angus bull too and was letting someone barrow the angus so only the simmental was even there so I could just drop her off for a month and go back and get her after I thought she was bred.
After all her shows were complete, I decided to have her bred in December 2006. She came in heat every few weeks at home so I figured she'd do the same in a large pasture where should get more excerise. So at the first of December I dropped her off there and went and checked on her every few days. She came in heat about mid-December and was riding a lot of the other cows. The bull was nowhere in sight. I figured he probably noticed she was in heat eventually and go her bred sometime because she didn't come in heat again by the end of December, so I brought her home but that bull wasn't happy about it, which I thought was odd.
She came home and was real calm like she wasn't going to come in heat. And she didn't - until about Februray or March 2007. She was riding a steer I had in there for an upcoming weigh-in and she was riding him and she was swelled up so we went to see where his bull was. He had his angus bull back so we had to run the simmental bull in a holding pen and we brought my heifer over there. We saw the bull breed her this time and left them together for about 20 minutes just to make sure he got her breed. He was real worn out by the time we got her back in the trailer and didn't even mind that she was being taken away but the angus was trying to push the paneling down and we could hear a bull at the next farm bawling too (she lets everyone know she's in heat).
A few weeks later she looked like she was in heat and acted like it too and our commercial bull wanted in with her but she'd only stay in heat half a day. Everyone told us this was because she was in false heat and not to worry about it. So we just ran our mixed breed bull in the lower field so he could consentrate on the old cows instead of having her bother him all the time. She continued with these "false heats" quite often.
Then in July 2007, we decided to take her to the vet and have her preguant checked. We thought by then they could tell if she was carrying a calf or not. They checked, she wasn't. They said there was no reason why she wasn't taking up, she has good ovaries and was a very healthy heifer. So we had them give her a shot so she'd come in heat within a few days and we brought her back to the simmental bull once again (he sold his angus bull by then). I was really busy with training some other show heifers at the time so my uncle said he'd be there anyway to keep an eye on her. About a week later he said she was in heat and a lot of his cows where riding her (and vice-versa) but the bull was following a different cow in heat and didn't seem to notice her (he doesn't live at his farm, btw). As far as he knows she hasn't come in heat again, unless he didn't notice (I'm not sure how close attention he pays to her though) and everytime I've been there the bull is never around her. In fact, the bull is often off by himself and my heifer says with the herd.
My family feels bad for having to bring her over there all the time and have her eat all his pasture and everything. She has lost a little weight on the pasture (we always gave her grain and hay). Next time he works his cows he's going to keep her up seperate so we can come and get her and have her preg checked again. Hopefully she actually got bred this time. My dad is getting real sick of having to run her everywhere and wants me to sell her. I think we should give her some more chances because she'll make an amazing cow.

What would you do if she wasn't bred this time?
I've heard the national average for a successful AI-ing is about 70%? Do you think this would be a better option? This way the bull wouldn't have to pay attention to her. I have never worked with AI technology but I could find someone who has and have them give me some help with her.
She obviously does come in heat. I'm weak- I've already kept a useless show heifer but the one I've kept never comes in heat. My simmental is already one step ahead of this other heifer.
My dad said some heifers just never take up but others do eventually and then do easily on future breedings.
I keep wanting to blame the bull. But my uncle has got a lot of calves out of him. But he is a little lazy, I've never seen this bull run. He just walks everywhere and is real slow. He's a healthy, good looking bull: he's just really lazy. My heifer is high spirited and real smart and I'm wondering if she just doesn't want to wait for a slow bull. But this is the only simmental bull I know of around where I live. Almost everyone else has angus cattle but I was really wanting a PB simmie baby.
I have 2 more registered heifers that will be ready to breed in a few months (there not as loud when they're in heat though) and I don't want to go threw this with them too. I thought about buying a bull but my commercial bull is young, good, and tame and if I sold him now I probably wouldn't get half of what he was worth so I didn't really want sell him yet. Plus, I kind of wanted to keep their calves if they had heifers and don't want to get a new bull every year for 15 cows (this includes my mixes).

What would you do? I'd really hate to sell this heifer but the breeder already told me if I wanted to sell her then he's help me but I don't want it come to that. My dad is getting impatient with her too.

Thank you.

The Big Show / FFA
« on: September 21, 2007, 06:16:02 PM »
I was just wondering how many people showed cattle in FFA? I've been showing for four years now in both open and FFA shows and I love it.  (cow) Tomorrow I have my last show for the year and my simmental heifers have been doing great so far this year. Last week I got my first champion even.  ;)

I also have a question for anyone who has a lot of FFA knowledge:
How long are you allowed to be in FFA after high school? And does it vary from chapter to chapter?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm in my freshmen year in college and am 19 years old. My FFA advisor asked if I was going to show my heifers in open class next year since I couldn't show in FFA anymore. But I was talking to some other FFA members who are out of high school and show cattle and they said that their ag teachers are letting them show until they're 21. If they get to show that long I would like to also so I'm trying to figure out away to get back in.

Is it possible to pay your dues to a chapter that isn't your old high school? Or can you just pay somehow to the national organization? I don't mind showing only in open class but I love showing in FFA too.  :)

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