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The Big Show / My experience with Champion Show Stock
« on: December 27, 2012, 03:24:11 PM »
After my pig breeder told me he preferred Glide over InMotion and other products of the like, I ordered a 3/4 lb deal of the stuff from Champion Show Stock. After about a week of no confirmations or shipping info I recieved a personal letter from Jordan Leatherman saying they had ran into some confusion in the warehouse and apologized for the delay. He said he had upgraded my order to the 2 lb container and overnighted it.
I just want to say that these guys know how to do business! Thye recognized their mistake and made up for it. After contemplating using juiced at my next shows over firewater and showshake because of the price, my experience with them has made up my mind. They probably lost money on this order, but with the good word of mouth they get from me and my further purchases they will make it up. What other company do you get this kind of service from?

Thats how you do business!!!
Thanks Jordan!

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