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The Big Show / Old semen prices
« on: September 13, 2019, 01:47:47 PM »
Hi guys.
I own some semen from old bulls. Semen produced on 60's and 70's from Shorthorn, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus bulls.
I need know how much could cost each straw him, as have some enquiries to sale some ones.
Some examples of bulls I own, RR Rito 8799 (AA), Pinnacle of Wye (AA), PBC 707 1M D3226 (AA), Elban Bardolier B655 (AA), Beckton Stormalong 751-626 (RA), RRR Burke 787 (RA), Britisher Wetmore 50 (HH), RHJ Rollo 0120-914 (PH), DH Happy Canadian 1 (PH), Crown Robert 2 (HH - UK), Free Town Vanguard (HH - UK), Lone Pine Grand Society (SH), Mandalong Super Flag (SH), Meriwong Smuggler (SH), Silverleigh Flag 4J (SH), Kinnaber Leader 9th (SH), Pleasand Dawn Seal (SH).

Hope to get some numers.
Thank you all.

The Big Show / Shorthorn in hot weather....
« on: September 09, 2017, 02:39:56 PM »
Hi fellows.
Where is the hottest weather/place were Shorthorns are bred?
Here in southern Brazil we got summers with around 25C to 30C, some days reaching to 34C in summer.
The hottest time is from 15 december until early march. Hottest days will to be on mid january to early february.
Humidity around 75% to 85%.
So, how many days with hot, which TC, humidity % and what bloodlines are raised on this places.

The Big Show / Blenview Chaser 204C.....
« on: April 10, 2016, 04:58:16 PM »
Hi from southern Brazil.
Need more info about BLENVIEW CHASER 204C.
Semex will sale semen of this guy here.
Know that is by Waco 6WT (Sonny/Trump) out of a Pure Gold 3N cow.
+6 BW DEP.
More comments will to be useful.
Thanks for your kindness.

The Big Show / Tick control with Fluazuron 2,5% and ET rates pregnances
« on: January 21, 2015, 02:12:40 PM »
Friends, need your comments!!
Today morning I made tick control using a drug called Fluazuron 2.5% pour on on my heifers that will to be used as embryo receptors...
On next friday morning (2 days) will inovulate the embryos on the heifers that were treated with Fluazuron.....
Hear that the drug can affect my pregnance rates....... ???
Some one has experiences with this matter??
Thanks all!!

The Big Show / Saskvalley Yesterday x W.W.Major Leroy X JASF Specialist
« on: November 15, 2014, 07:25:37 PM »
Dear guys, I need to flush some cows with aim to produce maternal cows....what suggetions to use as sire donor for produce these embryos.
Thanks for all.

The Big Show / Deerpark Leader 16th and D.Seamus 4th
« on: May 09, 2014, 09:41:57 PM »
Fellows...as a curiosity...why Deerpark Leader 16th is AR and D. Seamus 4th is also registered as 3/4 blood?
All other Deerparks - brothers, sisters, cousins...are appendix free!
Only for curiosity...why does happens?
Thank you.

The Big Show / Black noses on Shorthorn
« on: October 03, 2013, 01:27:09 PM »
Guys from where that hell black noses came from???


Cattle from 70's and before show so many black noses?

I got two good calves from ET with black noses, one is black as Angus, another is more light, looks like a dark grey.

On pedigree I found Enticer (Maine blood), RPS Tribune, some Irish through TNT Fastrak and lots of Lincoln Reds.

Where is the black nose origin on Shorthorn?

Is this accept by herd books for fullblood? Know that in UK is OK for register as saw lots of blackies on Scotland and England.

Hope for answers...thanks guys!

The Big Show / Old semen....
« on: October 01, 2013, 09:29:31 AM »
Guys, last week I participated in a meeting that is changing some rules for import semen and embryos to Brasil.
The rules will become more flexible.
So, I woould like ask if some guys have available semen of bulls collected on past. I show interest on Maine Anjou, Shorthorn and Aberdeen Angus as well.
If some one have surplus straws that can be open for share some ones with me, I will appreciate.
Please send me a mail or PM with bulls available and prices intention please.
Thank you.

The Big Show / Hereford bull
« on: September 03, 2013, 08:30:14 PM »
Guys, wish your comments regarding this bull.

The Big Show / Genetic defects test for Shorthorn
« on: August 30, 2013, 03:22:46 PM »

How I can test my animals for TH and PHA?
As I live in Brasil, I'm able to send samples for north american labs?

« on: March 04, 2013, 06:44:45 PM »
Moderators have as show some SP statistics. Perhaps where people come from (country, states), what kind breeds Steer Planeters raise, or other statistics that could be interest to see where and what do the people that read and post here.
Only a sugestion.

The Big Show / Wagyu and wagyu crosses...
« on: March 02, 2013, 07:06:27 PM »
Dear friends. A friend mine is looking for some additional info regarding Wagyu female crosses, in special with Angus and Brangus breeds.
I search on internet and always found the benefits of Wagyu meat, OK, lots of informations. But nothing about how crossed females works. I wish know more details about fertility rates, age forbirth, food needs for become fat (more grain, more grass), age for puberty, mothering ability, milking ability, etc...
If someone have information about it and can share with me, will appreciate much.
Thank you.

The Big Show / Past Shorthorn sires...a new topic!
« on: December 18, 2012, 06:04:06 PM »
 (clapping) (clapping) (clapping)

By Sue suggestion, was reading an old topic about Some herd sires from the past. Also an very interest topic for me as I love read and know about old times bulls and cattle.

So I would like ask some info about a Bull called Scotsdale Tradition that was sent to UK.

Also would like ask for exactly (names) bulls are pedigree fakes or what herds did it, so in UK as North America. Please, private messages if wish. I wish have this info as Im trying to select some accurated 100% genetics and wish not loose time with some mistakes from past times.

As Im historic matter Love, wish ask for people that can help me, if possible   donate me old Shorthorn magazines, as old possible. Its very hard get it on internet and some times are reprints or wrong material. By private message or mail can support my postal address.


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