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Cattle For Sale / 2 Dirty Hairy X Shorthorn March steers (Virginia)
« on: September 19, 2011, 04:19:14 PM »
We have two Dirty Hairy X Shorthorn steers for sale.  Both are halterbroke and have been weaned and on feed for over a month.  One has a bit of blue roan to him and the other is solid black.  Asking $1,200 OBO a piece on them.  Located in VA off of I-81. 
Check out the facebook page Ruebush Cattle Company for more pictures and calves.

Please Call or Text if interested



Cattle For Sale / March 2011 Dirty Hairy X Shorthorn Steer
« on: August 28, 2011, 04:18:11 PM »
March 2011 Dirty Hairy X Shorthorn Steer.  Dehorned, halter broke and ready to go.  Thie is a very complete calf.  Slight brown tint now but should shed out jet black once the calf hair is gone.  Located in Va off of I-81 can help with trucking arrangements if need to.  $1,500 OBO.
Have some other calves for sale still on our facebook page.  Like our page and stay up to date on what we have going on.


Scott Ruebush
Text or Call

The Big Show / Ruebush Cattle Company Facebook Page
« on: August 14, 2011, 07:06:35 PM »
Check out our Facebook page and follow what is going on at Ruebush Cattle Company.

Search Ruebush Cattle Company in facebook search and hit "Like" to get our updates.

Calves for sale, winners and more.
Scott Ruebush

The Big Show / Found some deals on blowers
« on: January 11, 2011, 05:09:31 PM »
I have been looking to buy another Sullivan Air express III blower and got down to doing some searching on the web for a deal.  I found two websites that have them listed at the old $330 prices.

Llamathings.com has them for $330 and with shipping outside of Texas the total is $361.39.  There is a tax for texas residents.
The other is westernranchsupply.com, they have them listed at $335 and it wouldn't tell me exact shipping without going through and entering all my information so I stopped and turned back.

I order one from llamathings.com just a couple minutes ago and paid through paypal, so I suspect the price is legit and I saved some money on a new blower.

I know that blowers are hot commodities in the show cattle world and everyone likes a deal so I figured I would post and let everyone in on it.


Archived Classifieds / Hairy Bear ET heifer for sale
« on: August 15, 2010, 12:01:55 PM »
September 26,2009 Hairy Bear X Stinger Donor.  Horned but has been dehorned.  She is halterbroke, hairy, sound and square.  Really feminine and cool to look at.  Was not planning on needing to market this calf as it was a contract calf but now she is for sale.  Should make a great replacement.   Located in Virginia.  PM if interested in further information.
Dams ASA reg # is AR30517. 

I have two ET heifer calves that I am having trouble registering because the cows they are out of do not have TH and PHA on record with the ASA.  One cow is dead and the other the owner sold and is unsure of its status also.  Is their a way to register these calves now or am I just screwed over by the ASA again.  I have only tried online registration and really hate to call and ask them unless I absolutly have to.  One is a horn plus and other purebred.  Just checking if anyone else is having this problem now with the new rules.  These egss were harvested before the rules took place.

Archived Classifieds / Embryos For Sale, Proven Genetics
« on: July 11, 2010, 12:51:22 PM »
I have 3 eggs that are Full sibs to the steer that was Grand Champion at VCCP Winter Classic, Virginia Beef Expo, Rockingham County Fair, and Eastern
National Livestock Expo and Reserve Grand Champion at Keystone International Livestock Expo in 2009.
Money Shot X Grand V Habby.  Form Danny Vaughan in WV.

Also Have 1 egg that in a Full Sib to the AI sire Sunseeker.  Bought from Jones Show Cattle.
Wilson X Susie

These egss are from proven genetics and I would like to sell all four together.  None of the eggs are sexed.

Asking $1,500 for the group.
Located in Virginia
Picture below is of the Money Shot steer

It is my brothers last year showing in our county and we live in an all black haired world.  We were thinking it would be cool to have a hereford colored steer to run against the blacks with.  Show is not like a jackpot, called a market show.  It is the first week of May, needs to be 1250 Choice at this time.  We were in this weight range this year with a sunseeker steer and got third in class.  Grand and reserve were in our class ahead of us. Show is very big, biggest this side of Miss. River for three species.  Will go against about 140 other steers.  Also have a carcass contest after they our slaughtered.  We placed 4th overall in that this year so we can feed one right.  Winning the carcass contest gets you a working chute from the local farm supply, pay out for the sale of the calves is not very high.  Lucky to get about $1.30 on average champion maybe $3 to $4 a pound.  Can't spend a ton but want to try and win it with a hereford or apperaing calf.  No herefords were shown this past year.

Here are 3 pics of the heifer we bought.  The first is shortly after the NO Bull Sale the second is from the VA Beef Expo in April and the last two our from the past two days. 
Olson- How does she compare to your heifer??? What are you going to breed yours too? Whats the frame size like on your heifer?

Judge said she was wasty in her brisket and very square made, aslo think he mentioned something about the stifle.  She was 4th out of five in her class.
I'm afraid she is going to get over conditioned and we are going to run into breeding problems as well as get docked for it in the summer fairs.  Her hair has went down hill since getting out here to our warmer temps and she will not lay infront of fans on her own will, prefers the covered awning over two turbo fans and sawdust.
She is getting a 4 quart scoope of 14% feed and 2 qurst of beet pulp, still getting pones and brisket fat.
I am going to set her up for AI pretty soon.  I have some Money Man semen for a horn plus calf and we have a blue roan Money Man son here on the farm to clean up with or a pure herford out of the Palliadin 115N bull that was champion at Denver.  Don't really have an shorthorn semen for heifers but was thinking proud jazz might make a whale of a calf out of this heifer hopefully with a low birthweight to start.

Let me know what you think.

Archived Classifieds / Pregnancy For Sale
« on: June 09, 2010, 05:49:20 PM »
Wilson X Susie heifer calf pregnacy for sale.  Checked safe at 100 days.  This calf will be a full sib to the AI sire Sunseeker.  Due September 17, 2010.  Recip is a purebred Angus 8 years old, have papers on her.  A full sib heifer sold in the Jones High Standards Sale for $6,500 last fall.  Pretty cool oppurtunity here.  We only have one more of these eggs left and I don't think their our many more around.
Located in Virginia, trucking arrangements can be made.

The Big Show / Is it possible to AI and ET the same recip????????
« on: May 18, 2010, 05:25:19 PM »
So I am in the process of setting cows up for recips.  Have a buddy coming through who knows how to AI and was thinking maybe AI a recip or two on the day of the last GnRH shot, 2 days after lut and pulling the cidr.  Have a few cows with good bloodlines like Who Made Who and such, thought if I saw a good heat out of them might just skip the last GnRH and have them Ai'd instead.
Well this is where I ended up thinking of a new idea, even though it would be somewhat stupid in my eyes, is it possible?

Say you gave the second GnRH shot and Ai'd the recip and also put in an egg on the implant date.  Is their a reasonable chance for an AI calf and an ET calf to take?  I was thinking that the GnRH might throw the AI off or the actual implanting of the egg seven days after could cause the AI to not work.  Has anyone else ever thought this out before or am I missing something?  Seems somewhat feasible in my head.  I know some people chance on implanting multiple eggs and end up with two or even three calves in the same cow.  Was just wondering if you could say have a backup plan for if the egg didn't take or the AI didn't take?  Or as I think could happen end up with an AI and and ET calf both!

Would love to hear the feedback on this one, or if anyone has the science behind it to let me know if it is even possible.


I have a full sib pregnancy to Sunseeker for sale.  The pregancy was checked safe at 100 days old by a tech from Ashby Herd Health in Harrisonburg, VA.  The eggs were also put in my them.  Pregnancy checked as a heifer calf, due for September 17,2010.  Recip is a a purebred Angus Reg# 14481854, she will be 8 years old this fall.  Egss were bought from the Jones Show Cattle online auction last year.  They sold a full sib heifer to this mating in their High Standards Female Sale in the fall for $6,500.  We are asking $4,000 but will listen to some offers.  Of course we were praying for a bull calf, but still think this is a neat oppurtunity to have a calf on the way with a track record.  This is something we plan on doing more in the future.  Selling high quality pregnancies so if you are not into the ET business, all you have to do is wait for the calf to hit the ground running.  We have one more egg of this mating going in this spring along with three eggs that are full sibs to the champion steer at the VCCP, VA Beef Expo, Rockingham County Fair VA. and Eastern National Livestock Expo, as well as being reserve champion at the Keystone International out of Money Shot.

She is located in Virginia.  We will help arrange shipping for no more than $300 to the buyer.  If their is any additional charg we will pay for it. 
ruebushshorthorns@hotmail.com or call Scott @ 540-290-4631

Picture below is of the full sib heifer that sold last fall.

Archived Classifieds / Two 36" Schaefer Barn Kooler Fans
« on: March 07, 2010, 05:36:42 PM »
I have two 36" Schaefer Barn Kooler fans for sale.  They are about $425 each brand new, asking $600 or best offer for the pair.  Located in VA, pick up is fine or we can deliver to the MAJAC show in Harrisonburg, VA this coming weekend, or we are also thinking about going to the Ohio Beef Expo sales on the 20th.  Could meet their if that helps. 

The Big Show / Beef Cattle Taxidermy
« on: December 05, 2009, 05:16:42 PM »
I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that either offers beef cattle head mounts or will mount a beef steer head?  I always see longhorn cattle heads in bars and on the internet for sale but never see and beef breeds hanging anywhere.  I know that head mount require molds and maybe they just don't have molds for beef cattle mounts.  I also thought it might be cool to get a mount done of a market steer.  Just some ideas I had, wondering if anyone knows any info on it.
Thanks for any feedback.

Archived Classifieds / November Shorthorn Heifer For Sale
« on: August 31, 2009, 05:13:55 PM »
This heifer was born November 29,2008, ASA #*x4149105.  She is an SS Joe Rider out of a SS Kaboom cow.  She has been shown twice now and has done pretty well for us.  She was a class winner athe VA Beef Expo Shorthorn Show as well as Champion Bred and Owned Shorthorn.  In August she was reserve champion heifer at our county fair.  She has great disposition and keeps good hair for a shorty.  She has good bone and thickness and is sound.  She should be weighing around 500 lbs.  Located in Virginia off of I-81.  We have some buddies who haul or come take a look for yourself.  Asking $1,200 OBO.

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