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The Big Show / Bull purchasing "Non-negotiables"
« on: February 22, 2015, 02:23:04 PM »
Had a very good discussion yesterday with a group of cattleman about purchasing bulls.  Opinions varied on what was "not up for discussion" or was considered "non-negotiable".   Since the bull purchasing season is in full swing, or soon will be, I decided to inquire what everyone considers their "non-negotiable" when purchasing a bull. 
Seems like there are bulls being promoted with a wide range of vaiables, such as low epd's, unknown pedigree, low percentile ranking, fertility issues, low individual performance, total outlier performance, and every combination of all the variables.   There does not seem to be a breed bias when we discussed these.
Here are a few that were thrown out in the discussion:  Performance/fertility of dam, individual performance, pedigree (certain bloodlines), attitude, breeder integrity,  low percentile rank, poor epd's, disposition, color, unproven via AI or pedigree, cost.

Definition of non-negotiable - Something would cause you to walk away REGARDLESS of all other positive variables. 
So, as I cattle breeder, what is YOUR non-negotiable when purchasing a bull?  Why do you consider that a "non-negotiable" in your herd?

The Big Show / Looking at drones
« on: December 16, 2014, 09:28:59 PM »
I am looking into purchasing a drone to check fences, check cattle, scare the poo out of trespassers, etc.....
Does anyone on here have experience with them?  (Ok, and to have fun with!!)
I have found a few in the $350-500 range that have a real time camera that you can hook up to the computer or a monitor.  It is basically a 4 base helicopter.  I do know that single wing drones take a lot of space to take flight and to land and they do not have real time capabilities.

Ideas? Experience? 


The Big Show / Red Cattle Art Prints/Photo's Wanted
« on: December 01, 2014, 11:39:03 AM »
I have been searching high and low for red angus water color prints, black and white prints, or red angus photographs.  They need to be frame-able, but I have a frame.
Does anyone know of where I might find any art print dealing with red cattle?

Thank you

The Big Show / I am thankful for:
« on: November 26, 2014, 07:14:40 PM »
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I hope everyone has plans to be with their loved ones, and that the weather allows for safe travel.
Here are my "I am things I am most thankful for":
1. Family
2. Friends
3. My Mayo Dr's
4. Our Military

What are you most thankful for? 

The Big Show / Farm Rental questions
« on: November 06, 2014, 05:01:24 PM »
A couple of questions for those of you that are the renter or the rentee:

1.  If you rent a farm (crop ground and pasture) does that include grain storage bins?  Machinary storage barns?
2.  If you rent cattle pasture, does it go from fence to fence or is it just the cleared open ground in that pasture that is paid rent on? (Example - If a fenced in area is 60 acres, and 25 acres is wooded and 35 acres is open pasture, do you pay/charge rent on 60 acres or 35 acres)


The Big Show / Cattle prices - Your area and Predictions
« on: September 01, 2014, 09:35:07 PM »
Am trying to get a feel for the cattle market in the country.
1. What are COMMERCIAL spring bred cattle bringing in your area?
2. What are Registered spring bred cattle bringing in your area?
3. What are COMMERCIAL replacement heifer calves bringing in your area?
4. What are registered replacement heifer calves bringing in your area?
5. What is your prediction for calf prices in October?  Dec?  Jan?
6. When will the bubble burst?

Thanks for the information.

The Big Show / Article on youth programs - good read
« on: August 26, 2014, 10:14:08 PM »

Thought this was a really interesting read.....  lots of good points on both sides.
Everyone thoughts?

The Big Show / Announcement from Tyson Foods
« on: July 16, 2014, 07:05:56 PM »
Just saw this on facebook:

Fairview Salebarn: Bulletin---This is a breaking story and this is what weve heard so far.
 Tyson has announced that it no longer accept slaughter cattle that have been in the show ring this summer. If one even looks like it has been shown, Tyson does not want it in any of its plants. They are instructing their buyers to refrain from even bidding on one. Illinois State Fair officials have been notified and it will be one of the losers along with every small show hereafter.
 The reason---supposedly around 40 head of show cattle in a nearby state were slaughtered in one of the Tyson plants and either 6 or 8 head of them tested positive for antibiotics and/or Zilmax making the carcasses unsuitable for export and a huge handling problem for the plant.
 A few careless or non-caring show jockeys have created havoc for a great many innocent youngsters who follow the rules costing them dearly as they are now ready to cash in their years labors. Buyers who take possession of animals purchased at these shows, or youngsters maintaining ownership will take a beating when the animals are delivered to a sale barn. Their value will not be near that of the going market for fat cattle. With Tyson, the biggest handler of fed cattle out of the market, finding a home for these animals at a big price is going to be very difficult.

And some wonder why I get a bit testy when someone ask about using "bantamine" and they can't even spell it.  The show people HAVE to clean up their act or this will be repeated by other companies. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Big Show / Vaccination and pregnancy
« on: June 25, 2014, 08:58:55 PM »
A few cattleman were discussing vaccinating cows this morning. Seems there was some disagreement on if you should vaccinate cows in early pregnancy. A few said that vaccinating even with killed vaccine in early pregnancy (now through 90 days) might cause absorption of the embryo.   Others said it wasn't the vaccination but the actual process of working the cattle through the pens/alley/chute, even if they were handled gently and easily.
So, what is everyone's opinion?  They are vaccinated with Tri-View, vira-shield9VL5 + Harjo.  Calves are vaccinated with Tri-View, Vira-shield 6, alpha-7, and one-shot.

The discussion started when one said they had preg checked and vaccinated in July, and then preg'd again in Oct and found 10-14% were either open or short bred and yet they were confirmed 30-70 days bred in July.  (Ultrasounded both times)

The Big Show / Something killing calves
« on: May 01, 2014, 08:04:39 AM »
My friend has had 2 calves killed and no one seems to know what is getting them, so I thought I would throw it out here to see if anyone has experienced the same.
1st calf - Born during night, found the next morning with no cow around. Had a opening between the navel and scrotum where all the guts had been eaten.  No external scratches, bites, etc. 
2nd calf - Born during day. Tagged, etc.  following day, found dead with similar entry point as previous calf. Torn open between navel and scrotum. Anus also hollowed out.  Did a rough autopsy and found the windpipe crushed and lots of blood clot injury internally in neck area. A few bites out of hip, but not eaten
A bordering neighbor had sheep several years ago and had similar kills and never did find out what the predator was.

Located in Midwest near a river. 
Dogs?  Seems like there would be more tracks and injury to calf
Coyotes?  Again, seems like there would be more external injury and more muscle eaten
Badger? Not common around here but possible
Eagles?  They are everywhere here, but do they kill in such a fashion
Any other ideas?


The Big Show / Water in California not for ag??
« on: February 23, 2014, 08:40:55 AM »
Just heard a few news blurbs about how California is not allowing farmers to use water for irrigation or livestock.
While I fully understand that water is at a premium and I certainly do not know all the details, but are car washes still operating? Lawn irrigation? Filling swimming pools? Washing streets? Golf courses still being irrigated? 
I must say, if I lived in California and I was told I couldn't have any water to keep my farm in business, I fear I might say "you keep your water. I will keep my food."

(As a side note, when I heard this story, I didn't hear what state had done this and thought to myself, "Probably California".  I guess I was right and didn't expect any less from such an anti-ag state.)

Anyone want to expand this with details and facts?

The Big Show / On Farm Test Results - Wrap Vs Twin
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:25:49 AM »
Let me stress this was an ON FARM TEST. I used equipment that a typical farmer has.
                             Grass/Pasture Hay     1st Cutting Alfalfa      2nd cutting Alfalfa       3rd cutting alfalfa        Mixed Alf and Grass      Corn Stalks
             Twine -              6 inches                   7 inches                  6 inches                     9 inches                    6 inches                       12 inches
 Wrapped Once -             4 inches                    3 inches                   5 inches                     5 inches                    5 inches                       5 inches
 Wrapped Twice-             3 inches                    3 inches                   2 inches                     1 inch                       2 inches                       5 inches

Grass/Pasture hay - RFV 75
1st Cutting - RFV 89
2nd Cutting - RFV 97
3rd Cutting - RFV 120
Mixed - RFV 94

Took 4 samples from the same bale and averaged them. Took the 4 samples (with a hay core probe) from the same location in all bales (1 top, 1 each side, 1 bottom)

Keep in mind, the most hay is on the outside of the bale (due to the circumference), so weight wise, you are saving more pounds on the outside of the bale versus the inside.

So take it for what it is worth, but for me, I will wrap my alfalfa twice!

(This is the net wrap that is NOT biodegradable)

The Big Show / Propane vs beef
« on: January 25, 2014, 08:22:20 AM »
Just thinking out loud:

If the gov't is stepping in on the private propane industry to lower the prices, when will the gov't step in to lower beef prices? 
What EXACTLY is the gov't roll in manipulating prices in private industry?

(Seems this will be right up Chambro's and Telo's alley!)

The Big Show / Alpha 7 not missing
« on: January 10, 2014, 07:13:04 AM »
Jus thought I would tell everyone that I ordered 250 doses of apha 7 a few days ago.  I received it two days ago, so I am not sure why others have not been able to find it.

The Big Show / Really people, get a life (Not cattle related)
« on: December 27, 2013, 08:03:59 AM »
For all those that are raising holy cane about their Christmas gifts being late due to UPS and FedEx....
Get a life. It is not UPS and FedEx's fault you procrastinated and ordered late, expecting people to work Christmas Eve just because YOU ordered late.  In fact, you should be THANKING UPS and FedEx, because not only did they EXTEND Christmas for you and your "loved ones" (who you apparently think you have to buy their love) but they TRIED to teach you the REAL meaning of Christmas (and that IS NOT gift from walmart).  Instead of whining about the missing presents during Christmas morning, you should have been enjoying your "loved ones" company and appreciating all the joys, comforts and freedoms of living in this country. You could have went and volunteered at a charity serving food to the less fortunate, or attended church to celebrate the fact that someone DIED for you to feel sorry for yourself because you "gift's" didn't arrive in time. 
Do you really think those delivery men WANT to work Christmas Eve to save your sorry butt because you procrastinated? I am sure every single one of you complainers were at home on Christmas Eve, enjoying friends and family while you expected and even DEMANDED someone else sacrifice their family time for YOU. How selfish.

So get a life, stop complaining, and be appreciative of the fact you were able to AFFORD to buy gifts to try and convince your "loved ones" that they love you.  Stop it. Just stop it.

(Sorry for the rant, but for the love of God, I am sick of hearing these people complaining.)

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