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The Big Show / JBS Da Big Hurt
« on: December 04, 2021, 01:56:11 PM »
Posting this pic here for someone because I cant figure out how to add a photo in a direct message.

This is a bull that was born in 93 (same year as Trump and Doublestuff) and appears to have not gotten a lot of use until 99.  He has a lot of cunia and Dividend breeding in his background.

Sharing something I found interesting.  Perhaps this will be educational to some and simply nostalgic to others.  Im sharing a photo of an article about HS Rodeo Drive from the September 2001 issue of Shorthorn country.  The article was announcing that Rodeo Drive was put down after suffering a broken shoulder while breeding cows naturally at 14 years old.  Pretty incredible longevity for a show bull.  I thought Doc Hunsley was honest in his assessment.  He was big, but certainly prepotent.  There is a lot of intrigue and back story to Rodeo Drive, some true some exaggerated gossip, but he made a mark in an era that was really transitional and in hindsight very  strange. 

Without him,Ayatollahs reign would have been extended and that wouldnt have been good. Rodeo Drive had a tight grip on the breed until two bulls, born 6 years after him in the spring of 1993, would take over and drastically change the breed again - CF Trump and AHL Double Stuff. 

An odd thing about Rodeo Drive is he had sons that were absolute giants marketed as sure fire growth bulls (like Chaps) and others marketed as calving ease (Mel Bar Rodeo Drive).  Another interesting thing was his daughters were awesome cows (albeit big) with amazing udders.

Something stood out in the article, while the counts of progeny  are big for shorthorns, I think its indicative of how or why progress is slow.  Compared to other breeds the numbers are very small.  Imagine the progress that could be made if a dozen bulls were siring 1,000 plus calves a year with accurate data collection from birth to harvest.  The numbers in the tests being conducted today seem inconsequential.

Id love to hear any Rodeo Drive stories that yall may have, or thoughts on where the breed was at that time and the changes that ensued.


Ps I hope there are real people who still follow this site.  Although I never really engaged, and still prefer anonymity, Ive followed for 10 years or so and enjoyed the knowledge that was shared

Longtime listener first time caller here

I couldnt help but bring this up.  Unless youre living under a rock, or not interested in Shorthorns, youve probably seen the massive offering on Sire Buyer. 

Its obvious this is Merls tank, RIP.

I havent seen something like this come on the market before.  I find it interesting that there is so much demand.

The questions I have are - what would you try again out of this group and why, what is it worth, can you answer without bashing any of the bulls or breeders (aka the high birthweight chis),  what else is hiding in other tanks out there?


HONKY TONK 6 units Make Offer
3W GEORGE STRAIGHT 20 units Make Offer
SOLD 3W PAYOFF 33 units Make Offer
3W PAYOFF 90 units Make Offer (Sold 35 Units)
ASH VALLEY DUTY 0709 383 units Make Offer (Sold 60 Units)
ASH VALLEY DUTY 0734 124 units Make Offer (Sold 124 Units)
ASTRONAUT 69 units Make Offer (Sold 20 Units)
BARON 22 units Make Offer
BBT SATINS PAYOFF 40 units Make Offer
BELMORE ULTRA BRIGHT L22 235 units Make Offer
BO JANGLE 13 units Make Offer
BORIS 44 units Make Offer (Sold 10 Units)
COUNTRY 109 units Make Offer
COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER 2,795 units Make Offer
SOLD DEER PARK LEADER 3 units Make Offer
DESPERADO 10 units Make Offer
DM PAYOFFS 9030 370 units Make Offer
DOUBLE LEADER 80 units Make Offer
SOLD DREAM BOAT 7 units Make Offer
ESQUIRE ENCORE 25 units Make Offer
ESQUIRE PLAYER 185 units Make Offer (Sold 15 Units)
FIRST FIRST ROUND 10 units Make Offer
GCF ROBINS IMPROVER 61 units Make Offer
GR BIG BEN 1,710 units Make Offer
SOLD GR ET TRAMPAS 120 units Make Offer
GREEN RIDGE ANDY 9755 306 units Make Offer
GREEN RIDGE DIVIDEND 196 46 units Make Offer (Sold 30 Units)
GREEN RIDGE HAROLD 281 units Make Offer (Sold 15 Units)
GREEN RIDGE HAROLD 9 units Make Offer
GREEN RIDGE RANDOLPH 95 units Make Offer
SOLD GREEN RIDGE RUSTLER 3189 ET 147 units Make Offer
HIGH HOPE 16 units Make Offer
HUMMER 23 units Make Offer
INSTANT ENTLEER 12 units Make Offer
J & H HORIZON 5295 ET 1242 units Make Offer (Sold 150 Units)
JDS FIREMAN 45 units Make Offer
SOLD K DUKE 3 units Make Offer
SOLD KING 10 units Make Offer
SOLD LAZY D ULTIMATE TYPE 311 units Make Offer
SOLD LAZY D ULTIMATE TYPE 854 309 units Make Offer
SOLD LEGGS 6 units Make Offer
LHE SONAR 14 units Make Offer
SOLD MAINSTREAM 37 units Make Offer
MAINTAINER 31 units Make Offer (Sold 15 Units)
SOLD MB STEERMAKER 816 *XAR14-643 6 units Make Offer
MEL BAR KNOCKOUT 269 545 units Make Offer
NIKE NIKE 22 units Make Offer
PAYBACK 10 units Make Offer
REFLECTOR 10 units Make Offer
ROBINS IMPROVER 6 units Make Offer
RPS GRAND SLAM 1,000 units Make Offer
SEVILLE 9067 11 units Make Offer
TMG ADRENALIN 228 units Make Offer

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