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The Big Show / Thank You SteerPlanet Auctions
« on: April 28, 2014, 08:31:38 AM »
Saturday night concluded the Bluebonnets & Buckles online sale here on SteerPlanet.  I want to send a HUGE thank you to Jason and SteerPlanet for providing this online auction service.  From start to finish, everything went smoothly. The cattle sold well, and everyone involved with the sale was so appreciative that such an economical option exists for our association so it could provide a sale for its members.  The Texas Maine Anjou Association functions as a non-profit organization, so every dollar counts, and at $25 per lot for commission, SteerPlanet Auctions did just that.  We will DEFINITELY use this auction service again!

Thank You Jason

Zane Mai
TMAA President

Selling 2 young bulls, 1 steer, and 10 heifers.  Sale ends at 7pm on Saturday, April 26th.  All calves will be on display at the Texas State Jr. Maine and Chi Show at the Ft Worth Stock Show grounds on sale day.

Also selling are 12 semen lots that have been donated with all the proceeds going to the Texas Maine Anjou Association.  The TMAA is a proud supporter of youth activities such as scholarships, premiums at Texas Majors, and the National Jr. Maine Anjou Shows.


The Big Show / Fresh Weaned Montego Bay Steers
« on: February 28, 2014, 07:35:08 AM »
Just clipped out just a couple of the fall prospect calves that Wesley Ruddick from Decatur, TX had born this year out of Montego Bay.  Calves have been weaned right at two weeks, and are coming on like crazy.  They are so happy about all the money they will save by not having to go out and buy steers to show.

The first calf is a late September steer out of a Bojo first calf heifer. 

Second calf is an October steer out of just a commercial black brockle faced cow.


The Big Show / Daddy Of Em' All Reports?
« on: February 20, 2014, 10:35:53 AM »
The second calf crop should be hitting the ground this spring.  What are the reports from last years calf crop and how do they look this year?  Please post pics, bw info, soundness, etc.

The Big Show / Easy Calving Shorthorn Bulls
« on: October 27, 2013, 12:03:23 AM »
I have a family that has a JPJ yearling heifer.  They would like to breed her Shorthorn, but I am not as familiar with Shorthorn genetics as some of you on here.  Bull needs to have some style to him as the family would like to show the calf if possible, and there is a chance the heifer is a TH carrier.

Is Lakeside Nitro 0804U easy calving?

The Big Show / Bluebonnets & Buckles Sale Registration Reminder
« on: April 23, 2013, 07:13:21 PM »
Just wanted to put out a reminder to anyone planning on viewing and/or bidding on cattle at the Bluebonnets and Buckles Onlie Sale this weekend, while at the Texas State Jr. Maine and Chi Show, to register ahead of time.  Though it is not a complecated process, it will be much easier to have it done ahead of time so you can easily bid from your mobile devices. 

Also, for those that are not looking to purchase cattle, we do have 8 lots of 5-unit semen packages that were donated, with all the proceeds going to the Texas Maine Anjou Association and Texas Jr. Maine Anjou Association.

Going to be a beautiful weekend.  See you all there!


I just thought it would be interesting to hear who all were planning on being there.  I am sure there will be several Planeteers there. Whether you have cattle to take or not, it should be a fun and educational weekend.   

My daughter is showing a few Maines and doing several of the contests to get ready for Jr. Nationals, and of course, we will be there with the Bluebonnets & Buckles cattle.

Looking forward to seeing y'all there!


So this is an interesting decision to make on this calf.  It is a decision of potential marketability as a low birth weight, polled, high percentage Maine bull, versus steering him and making a very solid show steer.  Nobody is saying he is going to win the next major, nor that he will be the next Ali, but either direction, he does bring value.

So here is what he is.
3/4 Maine out of a Sooner x DMCC Jazz sire, and a Hardcore x CTR Success cow.  He is TH and PHA Free, and only had a 48# birth weight.  His dam is a 3/4 sib to our ZNT Jenna 707T donor cow that produced Montego Bay and Moves Like Jagger.  He was born in early September.

I am looking forward to hearing the talking points on this one. 

Bidding is now underway for the first online sale hosted by Steerplanet.  Looks like several bids have already been placed.  Just wanted everyones opinions so far.

We are very excited to be on the calendar to have Steerplanet host the online auction for the Texas Maine Anjou Association in conjunction with the State Preview Show on April 27th in Ft. Worth, TX.  We are doing a little twist since there are going to be cattle consigned from multiple breeders.  All the cattle will be available for viewing at the breeders prior to the sale, then all the cattle will be on display at the show on the day of the sale. 

That being said, I am really looking forward to hearing how the bidding experience was using mobile devises such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc.

The Big Show / The bull that wasn't in Denver
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:48:00 PM »
With all the bull hype going on since Denver.  I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the one that wasn't there.  His name is ZNT Moves Like Jagger.  He is an ET PB Maine bull out of GVC Suh, and the dam of Montego Bay, ZNT Jenna 707T.  

I am sure there will be a few criticisms of him when comparing him to the pics and videos that just got published from Denver.  Keep in mind these things.

1. He is a 16 month old bull, and has already been to the bull stud and froze flush quality semen.
2. Pics were taken after pulling him from the bull lot and washing him for the first time in 3 months
3. He lives in Texas, and does not live in a cooler or show barn.  It was 81 the day before the pics were taken here.
4. He has never had his hooves done, never eaten show feed, and never had any cosmetic surgery done.
5. No adhesive was used for the picture.  Just a 1 hour clip job and a little final bloom.
6. The only Photoshop done to the picture was making it B/W because he pawed dirt on him, and cropping out the extra background.

Y'all know my website, so if you need any more information, pics, or video, it is posted there, or you are more than welcome to PM, call, or text me.

The Big Show / Early Fall Calf Sales Question
« on: January 15, 2013, 08:41:51 PM »
If you are looking to go look at, and possibly purchase, a fall born calf in an online action in January or February, how do you want them presented?  I know a lot traders do not like to see any clipping done on the calves before they get them.  But for the families and advisors that are looking for a good project, seeing through inches of hair can be difficult to see the true quality of the calf.

Secondly, do you think that not clipping the calves will just lower the price they bring in the online auction, or will people still pay full value for the calf requardless?

The Big Show / Who impacted you as a clipper/fitter?
« on: January 15, 2013, 06:44:46 AM »
I made a mention of some of the people that really influenced and taught me how to clip and fit cattle in another post.  Thought it might be good go hear who were the people that influenced you.  These people need to get the credit for their time, their patience, and their trust, that allowed all of us to go from clueless to the abilities we have today.  Hopefully this doesn't just turn into a "Name Game" on who we know, but more a tribute to the people in our lives.  I can't wait to hear some of the names from our more mature members.  (clapping)

Here is my list on kind of chronological order, and I am sure may of you have never heard of a lot of these people, but they made me.  Thank you to each and every one of them!

Wally Krantz
Dan Twombly
Ken Haas
Kevin Nicholsl
Michael Lobato
Jim Donaldson
Cory Tomsen
Steve Snell
Colleen Majors
Nolan Flesner

The Big Show / Has anyone else noticed?
« on: January 14, 2013, 08:14:27 PM »
First off, I want to make it clear that it is great that steerplanet is getting so many new members, and new posters.  That is what this site is for, and the more people that take part in it, the better it is. 

That being said, has anyone noticed an influx of new posters that have been demeaning and confrontational to other members?  It just really surprises me how bold some of these new members are on such an established forum.  I can't fathom going on this board with only 5 or 6 posts and putting down a member who has hundreds, or even thousands of posts.  ??? 

Just my observation.

The Big Show / TH Proliferation
« on: December 17, 2012, 10:00:10 AM »
I thought these charts that were posted on Lautner Farms' blog were interesting.  Only 6 of the 41 new bulls in 2011 and 2012 were TH Free.  I guess this begs the question.  Do they think that these TH carrier cattle are the best of all the cattle out there, or do they only want to carry THC bulls because the marketplace thinks bulls must have TH to be a good sire?

So I guess the question is, are Lautners pushing TH into the marketplace, or is the marketplace determining the type of bulls Lautners offer?

Also one other observation is that PHA was not nearly as prevalent in the last 2 years of new sires.  Is this because they do not see the PHA defect as adding as much value, or does the marketplace see PHA as a lot worse defect because it can, and will not only result in a dead calf, but a dead cow also?

The Big Show / Farm Kid Mischief
« on: December 17, 2012, 07:39:29 AM »
Had a great couple of days in Henrietta with Robert (Chambero) and his family working and breeding cattle.  The last day, I brought my daughter with me, and got a kick out of what happened when her and Robert's youngest son were let loose on a group of calves while we were working.  Here are some pics of what happened.  Within a 1 hour time frame, they had picked out a couple of victims, sorted them out of about 60 other calves, and with halters in hand, had this little girl haltered up. They made a pretty good team.  

There is no better way to learn about how to move, sort, handle cattle than just getting in there and doing it.  

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