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The Big Show / Re: More on Native
« on: October 21, 2021, 07:01:10 PM »
Felix has the same long level rump as Cat 20.  Our Catalyst 45 bull from Thieman's had similar proportions.  Cat 45 sired useful females with good udders.  Several of Cat 45's daughters were from the Bi Ru (Bill and Ruth Warters of Allerton, IL) herd that Burke and I purchased.  Cat 45 sired Homeplace Fair Lady from one of the Warters cows; now half of the Homeplace herd descends down from her. 

The Big Show / Re: More on Native
« on: October 17, 2021, 06:11:20 AM »
Haumont family has long produced cattle with utility.  Cattle bred at Haumont's have predictable EPD's (something like Keith Lauer) with strength in $CEZ, $BMI, CEM, Stay, Marbling, Milk, etc. that are what many Shorthorns traditionally have been.  With his COI at nearly 10% your bull should breed more predictably than most of the "double cross" bulls that are widely available.  A breeding piece, he is. 

Daughters of HHC 1625 are calving for the first time this fall.  Their calving ease seems to match the expectations from his CEM, and their udders are excellent.  It is a little early to say that 1625 is an udder improver, but so far, so good.  Our cow herd's udders began getting better when we used two TPS Polled Shorthorn bulls in the '70's on our Scotch cows, and nobody misses helping a calf nurse a bad udder.  I much prefer for udders to be suitable, allowing the calves to do their own milking! 

A well known breeder told me that a single drop of Chi blood results in no "bottle teats."  Does anyone else recall that Rodeo's electronic pedigree (previous version) showed Chi, possibly in the dam of HS KENDRA ANN 209TH,  Shorthorn %:     AR50?   

Dad, Burke, who had been around great Shorthorn cattle for over 50 years, and I were watching the show at the NAILE.  When Rodeo hit the ring, Dad said he'd use him!  Since Rodeo Drive was syndicated we never did, but his influence is certainly in our herd.  Having Rodeo several times in a pedigree is a plus.  Does intensifying Rodeo in a herd tend to improve udders?   

Hopster1000, that is food for thought, as an old farmer used to say to the preacher on Sunday after the sermon.  Yours and other posters sure got my attention about the phenotype of offspring of myostatin carriers. 

Many hog breeds added thickness to their hams and general muscularity by infusing Pietrain genetics, a quick fix.  If one is patient, is adding natural thickness to beef cattle by selection not preferable to getting there rapidly via myostatin carriers? 

Weston Surprise 14th is NOT a carrier of F94L.  I apologize for my error.  The F94L carrier is DMH What A Surprise ET, right?

Thanks for the phone call, Joe S. and setting the record straight!

I am not sure either.  We owned another Weston Surprise bull, the 3rd.  His phenotype was thicker than most, plus his prominent stifle was something that attracted us to him.  He was in the ASA sire test and his progeny were not desirable in cutability (like a bull would likely be if he carried a double muscling/myostatin gene?).

We owned Weston Goliath, also with one Frosty Acres parent, maybe a relative to the Surprises.  Other breeders used Surprise bulls from Doc Nold.  It would be helpful to know where the F94L came from in Weston Surprise 14th's pedigree....  Maybe, as Nold, when asked what that bloodline was, said, "It's a surprise." 

We market some freezer beef, and carcass is of extra interest in our program.  This myostatin mutation is important to nearly everyone breeding cattle, including dairy, with the breeds listed in the 2nd article.  In Shorthorns there are 2 more myostatin mutations to deal with.  Every breeder needs to do a deep think about what their decisions are, for F94L and whatever other myostatin mutations their breed has.  "Ignorance is bliss" might not serve one well?  Research shows we are still learning!

Have individual breeders selecting for natural thickness accidently been adding double muscling over the decades prior to the testing that is available now?  Are some of the carrier breeds, yes an entire breed, not looking/testing?

Some of the higher BW genetics dilute well--for instance, Rodeo.  Astronaut is in the last generation of JJC Wild Side's pedigree, and Wild Side sired only one calf that required assistance at birth for us.  High Hope in the pedigree of these two Ash Valley bulls, and they have sufficient growth along with commendable calving ease.  Through selection pressure many breeders have successfully reduced birth weights, while maintaining growth.   

The Big Show / Re: Cattle with small brains.
« on: June 09, 2021, 02:25:36 PM »
Back in the day we had Holstein nurse cows.  Our field experience verified them as the smallest cow brain!

The Big Show / Re: Hatfield Ultra T 100G
« on: June 06, 2021, 05:40:58 PM »
He is even more impressive when viewed on the desktop and larger screen, which does justice to his stoutness.  More bulls with that body type need used in the Shorthorn breed.  He will represent the breed well in Western Canada.

The Big Show / Re: Video of new herd sire DU Glacial Storm 42G
« on: June 03, 2021, 08:38:41 AM »
Glacial Storm is up-headed, moves well, and has good chest floor width.  We used another horned white Canadian bull, International Grand Champ, Aberfeldy Deacon.  Reford Gardhouse had a 2nd successful white bull that was reserve in Chicago, maybe a year after Deacon.  Deacon was yesterday's type, but he had a long level rump and sired thick, correct, stylish cattle that won us several ribbons.  Deacon's haircoat was amazing and his top was flat as a threshing table.  Some things are the same as in the '60's--Canadian genetics are successfully being used by U.S. Shorthorn breeders. 

The Big Show / Re: The cover of Shorthorn Country
« on: May 16, 2021, 03:21:49 PM »
I recall hearing of her and probably saw her at the NAILE?  An Improver according to DigitalBeef.

Another Margie from the same family was also flushed a lot--AF SHANNON MARGIE 924.   

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