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The Big Show / Re: The cover of Shorthorn Country
« on: May 21, 2021, 11:24:36 PM »
Glamis Benefactor was imported from Scotland and he not only had a black nose, but he had black pigment all over is body. His hair was mainly red but a lot of his skin was black and some of his hair was as well. There was many black nosed animals in the Scottish cattle. One of the last bulls I remember being imported wss named Drynie Argosy. He was  red and white in color which was  not well accepted in the 1960s and he also had a pitch black nose. Louie Latimer from Remitall Cattle Co,, Olds Alberta said that he thought Argosy was one of the best bulls he had seen in several years despite his color and his black nose. He bought him anyways for the improvement he would bring.
Many of the Irish cattle that came over in the 70s and 80s also produced some black noses.

The Big Show / Re: Meuse-Rhine-Yssel
« on: January 27, 2021, 10:27:48 PM »
I remember having to meet a truck that was delivering a load of imported European cattle through Western Canada. There was several MRI cattle on that load including 3 that a neighbour had imported. He got a bull and two heifers that day and quite frankly they were pretty horrible creatures. My neighbor had a large herd of Polled Hereford and all he said when he loaded these MRI was that he had 150 weaned heifer calves and these imported MRI were going to be the worst in the pen. I never heard of his MRI cattle again and I have a good notion that he accepted that he had made a mistake and shipped them to market. There was one or two decent MRI bulls here for a few years but they didn't set the world on fire and we soon gone as well,

The Big Show / Re: Eionmor Gus 80C vs Eionmor Ultra 8C
« on: November 28, 2020, 10:22:02 PM »
How are as far as the double muscled deal?

Neither bull has been tested for myostatin, but by looking at their pedigrees, I am going to guess that they are both free from any of the myostatin strains. Of course, they should be tested to verify this.

The Big Show / Re: Eionmor Gus 80C vs Eionmor Ultra 8C
« on: November 28, 2020, 10:13:53 PM »
I have seen excellent beef genetics from both bulls. If I had to pick one, I would chose Ultra 8C mainly because his calves have a bit more natural thickness and rib shape as compared to the Gus 80C's. Gus 80C calves are very correct but some seemed to be just a bit more flat sided. I saw some awesome beef cows in Ireland sired by 8C last year, Depending on what type of cow you are planning to use them on, I think there is a definite place for both bulls.
I had two doses of Mr Gus 80C here and decided to put them in my online sale last January. They sold for $430/ straw. 

The Big Show / Re: Happy Canada Day.
« on: July 03, 2020, 06:21:06 PM »
I was wondering if Canada has any statues and if so, are they still standing?  Did Canada have any noteworthy folks with statues that have been now deemed imperfect?  Did they call out the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to guard the statues on Canada Day or are they just relying on a community betterment group for protection?  I'm sure there's a garden club somewhere that would be willing to bring their rakes and hoes to quell any uprising.

Yes Canada has statues that are being damaged or destroyed by these idiots. They are the same idiots you have in the US and some are members of Antifa. The RCMP aren't doing much to stop this from happening. We are having the same Defund the Police marches and rallies as the major American cities are seeing.  The Calgary Police Service recieved a request from the leaders of a Defund the Police rally. They asked for an increased police presence at their rally to provide protection to those who attended. What idiots. In the UK, the same thing is happening, and they have passed a law which says anyone who is caught damaging a national monument of any kind gets a 10 year prison sentence.

The Big Show / Re: Happy Canada Day.
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:19:37 AM »
 Thanks frosty!  I am certainly going to try!  We finally got more rain in the night so my level of anxiety of drought has dropped, at least for a few days. Hope you have a great Canada Day as well!

The Big Show / Re: Weston Ready Go
« on: June 22, 2020, 11:44:09 PM »
The last person to own him was Gus Lippert I think. He lived about 40 miles from me. I went over and saw him. I once had 40 amps of him in a jug. I can't remember for sure but the jug went bad or I threw the semen away or something. I wish to heck I still had it. I was thinking he might of been homo polled but I can't remember.

Yes Ready Go was homozygous polled. And Yes Gus Lippert bought him from us. I always remember Gus telling me that he had never purchased a bull privately before. He said he always just went to the state sale and bought the Champion bull. That way he had someone else's opinion before he bought him
 There seems to be some interest in these older genetics in the US again. I flushed a cow to Four Point Major and to Ready Go and got 24 grade one embryos from these two flushes. I sold the last ones I had this morning to New York state,. All 24 of these embryos sold to the US.  The guy in New York also took 4 other embryos from this same cow and a couple other bulls from the 80s and 90s. I probably will try to make some more.

The Big Show / Re: Weston Ready Go
« on: June 13, 2020, 07:58:20 AM »
Unfortunately, there is no Ready Go semen in the US and only a few vials left in Canada. I recently pulled his semen off the market as I plan to use what is remaining myself.
i bought Ready Go in 1973 at the Polled Congress in Louisville at $5300 which was a record price at that sale at that time. He was the first bull I owned that had more than paid for himself before he had a calf on the ground here. In fact when we collected him he was picked by a breeder from Argentina and another from South Africa to use in their herds. An interesting side note to this is that the breeder in South Africa purchased $5000 of semen but South Africa had a law that prohibited more than $2000 to be sent outside the country by any South African resident. He resolved this issue by having his girlfriends in London, England, San Francisco and Vancouver send the payment.
Ready Go is the only bull I owned that has semen sold in every year since he was purchased.( 47 years).  I recently sold embryos to two US breeders as they could not get semen. Some Canadian breeders still say he is the best bull they have found to use on heifers. He produced exceptionally high quality semen and he was used as a benchmark at the AI stud he was collected, to compare the semen from other bulls to. He oftentimes produced over 1000 straws of semen on a collection date. Ready Go was 100% Shorthorn. There wasn't any Lincoln Red in his pedigree.

The Big Show / Re: K-Kim Gold Count 22P
« on: April 07, 2020, 11:03:55 PM »
I really liked the Gold Count 22P calves and he seemed to work on most any type of cows. I was just talking with another Canadian breeder a couple days ago. who found some Gold Count semen and he bought it all ( it was a sizeable amount of doses). He said he plans to use him again as he really liked the calves he had. His daughters had excellent udders and milked well. They were moderate framed and fertile. He is a bull that could and should be used again.

Looks like he has the white hoofs.....doesn't seem to show much testicle......what was his age?

I wouldn't call his hooves white,but they are a lighter brown that I would like. This said, his sire has hooves that are a similar color and they have never been touched and probably never will need to be, Cruiser has an excellent hoof structure. As for testicle size, he definitely is adequate. Again when we were semen testing for our bull sale when Cruiser was 7 months old, my vet said there was no reason to test him, as he was too young and would never pass. I suggested that she test him and we would at least have a test result to compare any future tests with. We all were amazed when at 7 months of age he received the highest score ( 94%) out of the 31 yearling and two year old bulls tested that day. When I took Cruiser to collect some more semen before he left here, the vet said he had one the best semen samples he had seen this fall. I am hoping 55G will be like his sire, but we won't know for a few months yet.

I don't consider any bull a heifer bull until I have had calves from them. I used his sire on a set of heifers, as a yearling after the bull I had planned to use, was killed by lightning. I was concerned but knew that he had been born unassisted from a first calf heifer. The heifers calved good.

I got an email from Shadybrook last night to let me know that Cruiser had arrived there after being 10 days on route from here. Lloyd Wright said he has never seen a Shorthorn bull that thick, and this is what others have said as well. While at Agribition, a well known Angus breeder stopped at my stall. He saw Cruiser last spring and he told me that he has told several others that Cruiser is the stoutest bull he has ever seen. I thought this was quite a statement to come from an Angus breeder.

If you don't like either of these bulls, you don't need to use them. Simple as that!

Bw on your sign at Agri sure doesnt say 73 pounds. Looks like it says 86 or 96 pounds. I zoomed in and couldnt be for sure. But that dont look like a 73

The BW on my sign at Agribition was a mistake. When I looked up his birth information in my calf book, I read the BW of the calf below him in it. Of course, I was filling out my stall cards in a hurry just before I left for the show. I came home after dropping the cattle off at the show and happened to look at my calving book again and realized that I had made a mistake. When I got back to the show I did not have a erasable marker to make the correction on the sign.( It was supposed to be in the top drawer of my tack box)  His correct actual BW was 73 lbs, and he was weighed on a calf scale and it was not estimated or one of those measuring tapes used. He was very tiny at birth, and I thought he was going to be a twin. There wasn't another calf.

The Big Show / Re: Shorthorn President a woman
« on: December 03, 2019, 04:47:12 PM »
Congratulations to Nancy!  I am positive that she will do an excellent job in this position. This appears to be a trend lately, with the President of the Shorthorn societies in the US, Canada and the UK all being women. All three are very capable and I think it is about time this happened. The breed is in very good hands!

This is a son of HC Cruiser 59C that we showed at Agribition last week. He is HC Gasper 55G and he was born March 23rd,2019. He had an actual BW of 73 lbs and he was the second lowest BW of all our calves this year. He was weaned in late October and did not have any creep feed through the summer. At the last minute he was substituted for a bull I had planned to show that got sick. He weighed 768 at the show so what you see here was all done with milk and grass.
His sire HC Cruiser 59C has recently been sold to Shadybrook Farm Ltd, West Brome. Quebec. We will continue to use him through semen we have retained in him. Last January, when I posted a picture of Cruiser, several people who are on this site regularly told me he was a cow killer and yet we have had another calf crop that was completely born unassisted. The heaviest calf ever born from Cruiser had a BW pf 102 lbs and was born unassisted from a huge Simmental X Shorthorn cow. This calf is a incredibly long bodied red neck roan and is very impressive  Most of his calves are in the 80-90 lb range. A well known breeder of another breed, recently referred to Cruiser as being the stoutest beef bull of any breed he has ever seen. i thought his statement was pretty amazing considering that Cruiser isn't black!
We have not decided if we will sell 55G or if we will retain him to replace Cruiser, but if he is sold, he will be in pur Sun Country Sale on March 10th. He won his class in the Agribition show and was Reserve Junior Bull Calf Champion. We had interest in him from many people, including breeders of 3 other breeds, and a few clubbie producers. I wish we could have got him on display in Denver, but we will be busy clipping and picturing our sale cattle while Denver is on. An American told us, that he is the best bull prospect he has seen anywhere this year, including Louisville, Toronto and Kansas City.

The Big Show / Re: Quick question-was MR Tri Cando a usefull bull?
« on: November 20, 2019, 07:41:59 AM »
I saw MR Tri Cando a few times, and I never really thought of him being a really big bull, but back then, most everything was bigger framed than today. He was a thick well balanced bull with lots of eye appeal. I remember seeing his calves and they were very uniform and thick topped. One year, I delivered 8 Cando sons to a rancher in Northern Nebraska. They were certainly a good set of bulls.
 There certainly was a lot of bigger framed bulls in that era than Cando was. He actually was a pretty decent bull. He sired good calves from both sexes. He certainly was much smaller framed than Dollar 2, who was one of the biggest Maine bulls ( and possibly one of the biggest exotic bulls). For several years, Dollar 2, Capone, Cunia, Covino 111 and several others were housed at an Ai center not too far from here. I saw these bulls many times each year. There were also many bulls of other breeds there as well. Dollar 11 was the biggest of them all and I remember the card over his stall showed him to weigh 3320 lbs. He was absolutely massive!  I used far more Covino 111 as I thought he was a more complete bull, and also used Cunia considerably. At that time we were running 350 Shorthorn cows and we bred about 50 to Maine bulls for a few years. We produced some pretty good show steers from the half blood Maines we produced.

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