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Goat/Lamb Chat / Re: clipper blades
« on: September 30, 2013, 10:03:02 AM »
Keeping your blades clean and lubricated at all times will preserve the edge and reduce the amount of stress applied to the clipper.  All blade manufactures recommend that you clean your blades before and after each use.  They also recommend that you lubricate them before, during, and after each use.  We have a special method and blend of blade wash and blade oil.  Our website is www.switchblade1.com.

I am developing an educational program that covers clipper blade maintenance, effects of aerosol products on your blades and clippers, maintenance requirements on clippers, sharpening concepts pertaining to clipper blades, and much more.

The Big Show / Re: How long will clipper blades last?
« on: September 30, 2013, 09:49:26 AM »
I am not sure what brand and what style blades that you have, but the best way to keep your blades sharp is by keeping them clean and lubricated.  Today's clippers run at a very high rate of speed and heat will cause them to dull very quickly.  We do have unique blend of blade wash that is designed for our blade wash machine (for the pet grooming industry) and we also have our own special blend of blade oil.  The commercial blends of blade oil only contains one component (mineral oil).  Our blend contains three components that address the lubricity, friction and rust/oxidation issues.

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