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shipping calves two days early?


I need to make a decision, and would like you guys that see this, or do it yourselves, help in my info gathering.

Calves have had two rounds, pinkeye, fly tags, wormed, 3 lbs of commodity 14% since May while on straight fescue pasture. Knife cut.

Nine heifers and six steers weighing 600 ish to 750 ish. (My eye is not too good and I've looked at them daily for...a while)

option 1

Sell at local barn, prices twenty cents back or more, depending. 4% or so commission. Arrive at sale the morning of regular weekly sale.(quả óc chó)

option 2

Bigger barn, two hours distant. Sale will be two mornings following the morning of shipment. Supposedly, hopefully, will be hay'd, fed, and watered. Sell first on sale day. Straight $14/hd commission. This will be a pre vac sale.

Concerns are mostly about the shrink, and if they would have time to get it back, or at least some of it. I'm unsure as to if it would be worth it to send them to the big barn if the shrink will eat up the difference in price and commission difference.


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