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Uluru Shorthorns web site updated.

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Our web site has been updated


--- Quote from: uluru on December 09, 2010, 02:33:35 PM ---Our web site
 has been updated to reflect the retirement of Gerry & Betty and the new management of Uluru's cattle

I will get new pictures for my females in the new year as there have been many changes recently.
Note the Red Angus/Shorthorn strategy we will be embarking on more aggresively in the new year.
We hope you will visit our site as we keep it updated.

--- End quote ---

I like the simplicity, easy to navigate, great photos. 

Looks good, like the simple layout.  Your content width is correct.

I am getting ready to make some redesigns to most of the pages on steerplanet.  Going for a responsive design, that will show correct in a 22" wide monitor or on an iphone.  Biggest problem will be making  nav bar that can shrink to 320 width and still capture all the links. 

That's good i appreciate your information.

Website updated today. Some new info
Site is now more responsive to different devices.


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