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Bedding Allergies?


has anybody ever had problems with show pigs having allergies to straw bedding.  We had been giving the show pigs a straw pile in the corner of their pen because it has still been getting down near freezing at night.  The straw came from a different round bale yesterday and tonight all the pigs had small red welts all over them and were itching like crazy.  Needless to say we cleaned it all out and they are on shavings now.
Just wondering if anybody else has had this happen.



Show Steaks:
pretty sure its a bug or mite in the straw i do believe

Thanks for the reply Show Steaks!  A few other people I talked to thought it could straw mites also.  We got rid of all the straw last night and put them on shavings.  This morning they dusted them.  By tonight they looked a lot better but I think we will hit them with injectable Ivomec this week just to be sure.


We had a show heifer once that would do great at home, but was allergic to shavings at the shows. We never used them at home, but come time for a show she would get raspy and weezy, go off feed and roach her top really bad. Vet said her lungs would swell a bit due to allergies. Never got to take her out much. Hope you don't have any allergies in the pigs:(

Kansas Karl:
Yes very normal to have pigs be allergic to straw, benyadryl works great for pigs with allergies


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