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Swine problem??


I just got a new pig and noticed that he is very hump backed I saw that he kind of had red dots down his swine what does this mean?

Red dots down his spine??

sometimes your bedding will cause red bumps, try washing the pig with a brush with antibacterial dish soap and letting it set in the sun about ten minutes and then COMPLETELY rinse the pig, do this 3 days in a row then you should see a difference...also has the pig been wormed? could be lice or mange, make sure you give ivomec shot...  top dress does not work as well, plus by giving shot you know they got all of the medication. a pig will also be humped back sometimes if it has too small of space or its cold or nervous... are you raising it by itself? they do better in 2"s if you can..... hope this helps :)

Suggest some of the antibacterial  soap name for the pig, i also have two?


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