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Any Interest in Semen and/ or Frozen Embryos?

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I looked to see if this could be in the classifieds, but there is no classified section. 

Anyone interested in:
Shorthorn Semen:  Lead Outside the Box  #4162691  Embryo calf by Leader 21st and Shadybrook cow.
Semen is free to anyone that would like some to try in their Shorthorns or cross on your other breeds.  I have used all that I am going to and would really like someone to get some use out of it.  No strings attached.  I have daughters in my herd that are good cows, just not breeding this direction anymore. 

Nothing wrong with any of the semen -- DNA testing done, and stored at reputation facilities.
If you are interested-- contact me here - if you would like to arrange for semen -- all shipping, etc. will be at your expense. 

Thank you!

Medium Rare:
Sending you a private message.

Barry Farms:
How do you sell your frozen embryos? I just produced some for the first time and my cow produced more than I want.

When I first did my embryos-- I mostly had the intention of using them myself to keep my Sugar cow line in the herd going, but at that time I did have a website and offered them for sale there and also did put some in a couple of shorthorn state sales-- Iowa and Illinois.  I will be honest-- the Iowa sale was a bust, but when sold in Illinois- they did pretty good.  After that I just kept them thinking that I would use them, but now the storage expense is adding up and I am not taking any time to sync cows to implant, etc.  I have moved back to a totally commercial herd-- I turn out bulls and the cows have to take care of themselves..  I don't put anymore labor into my herd than necessary--- the cows do literally take care of themselves most of the year-- I just make sure they have water, feed for winter, supplements and their wellness check each year.  I am to the point where I have them pretty hands off for calving too-- I like coming home from my town job and looking out and seeing new babies up and around by themselves- I just do my nightly check, but mostly the cows do all the work.  EF

Keeping leader 21st genetics around would be good for the breed.


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