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Re: Cattle Marketing
« Reply #15 on: May 08, 2013, 11:27:47 PM »
The catch in so many of these sales, especially when it is all young heifers, is that they are selling show cattle, and the buyers are buying show cattle.  Many times these heifers are not purchased on the dream that they will go into a herd and produce offspring for many years.  The dream is that they win the next Major. 

That being said, the buyers want access to the very best heifers on a breeders property, but the breeder needs these same genetics to continue their herd, and improvement of that herd.  I have only collected on a retained flush one time out of several heifers that we have retained flushes on.  Like said before, it is cheap insurance, and it also allows us to sell heifers that should really be kept in our herd for continuing improvement. 

I would be more leery of a seller that sells several heifers and only retains interest on one.  Why is the seller not interested in retaining interest in the others.  Do they not fit into the direction that the breeder is pursuing?  I am just being devils advocate here.  But worth thinking about when out shopping.
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Re: Cattle Marketing
« Reply #16 on: May 09, 2013, 10:33:54 AM »
To your point, BTDT, nothing irks me more than people who are displeased that somebody makes money off something that came from their program. If I'm buying cattle from somebody, they better make money or I won't be going back for more. We want our cattle to be successful and make money no matter where they go, and I don't understand anybody who doesn't feel that way.

I think a lot of good points have been made on both sides of this discussion. I certainly see the point of the discussion, but I think if we're all objective and try to see the scenario from both sides, there is validity to both sides. A breeder should have the right to offer their genetics and maintain some right to take part in the success of those genetics, and he or she needs to understand why doing that might turn some people away. The beef cattle business, like any other business, is a people business. People do business with people. Maybe we should all take a little time to understand the perspective from the other side of the fence a little more thoroughly...I may be missing out on some great opportunities because I don't give more consideration to some of those.

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Re: Cattle Marketing
« Reply #17 on: May 10, 2013, 02:13:53 PM »

Great topic and all great posts.

I had never seen or known of livestock shows until my 9yr old daughter asked me to take her to see a friend show a pig. I will admit, I was curious as to how and why one would "show" a Pig. I as extremely impressed by the whole process, while also having the opportunity to see a few cattle in the ring. So, I decided my girls should share in the fun.

After 3 years of pig shows at the County Fair, I mandated that we switch to showing Calves (so much more glamorous). We watched every Beef Show we could, and decided to raise our own Show Calves. Fortunately, I learned that a man I already knew was in the Show Cattle business, and was known throughout the country. He was heavily involved with the Maine-Anjou breed, so there is where our family adventure began.  Time to buy!

I purchased two bred heifers, one which was a Division Champ at at the previous Nat'l Jr MA show. In a few months we had two registered MA heifers, and nine months later Glen convinced me to load up and head out to Kearney, NE for Jr Nationals. I borrowed an old horse trailer, and away we went; no clippers, no chute, no blow dryer, and no clue.

I say all that, to say this:  Make your Program your own, and don't worry about how "Big Boys" do their business. Breed and Show your own Calves and beat the "best"!  All it takes is Study, Confidence, Desire & lots of Hard Work!  Better Breeders breed Better Calves. I know this is possible because we did it!


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