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Re: Clone's
« Reply #45 on: June 28, 2009, 08:47:33 AM »
It was mentioned in the interview I heard, that they would use an elephant as the surrogate mother to raise the embryo. They seem to think the DNA between the two animals are fairly close.

Telos, I think your wish for some common ground in designing show steers, takes a little more imagination that cloning a mammoth does. It would be something like asking 10 economists a question... you usually end up with 10 different answers and possibly 11 if one of them went to Harvard.

In regards to you comments about double muscled animals, I think you are correct in what you are saying. The Belgian Blue show ( or British Blues, as they are called in Britain)  was one of the largest beef shows at the Royal Highland show , in Edinburgh last year when I was there. I also saw many Blue cattle in the farms I visited. Many of the cattle I saw, did not have legs that would be considered acceptable here in N America. They were finer boned, and flatter as you mentioned, but they also were what we commonly refer to as sickle hocked. They did have lots of flex in their joints and I think these traits have developed over time. With the muscle mass these animals have I think the animals with leg structure that could not handle the weight, probably were eliminated from the population by natural selection. When viewing a commercial herd that was using Belgian Blue bulls, I asked if they had many problems with feet and legs from using these bulls. The owner said that they had almost no problems with legs and feet, from either the Blue bulls or their offspring.

Personally, if I had to chose between a straight legged bull or a sickle hocked bull, I would take the sickle hocked bull every time. Legs with too much curvature do not look very attractive, but I have never heard of a bull with this trait having to be shipped because he was crippled. That certainly cannot be said about straight legged cattle... almost 100% of them go to town( or die on the farm)  because they are crippled. Many of them get crippled at extremely young ages as well.
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Re: Clone's
« Reply #46 on: June 28, 2009, 09:58:50 AM »
Are cloned animals allowed for human consumption now?  When the first dairy cows were cloned they were not allowed to sell their milk.  I don't think they are in Canada.  My wife works at Semex Canada and they can not sell semen from cloned bulls in Canada yet. 


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