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Re: Largest seedstock and commercial herds
« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2010, 08:05:04 AM »
Tell me more TDU about this place if you don't mind. Where do they get their shorty bulls? Do they ever sell semen or anything? I got to think genetics from there would work in a ton of places. Maybe if the King Ranch got their NEW infusion of shorthorn genetics from Anna Creek they wouldn't have had little ity bity weaning weights and swore off  shorties all together.
Trying to find out what bulls they used is like trying to find out who really shot JFK. It's a seceret. Can anybody answer that question? I am stumped.
Thanks again for the info TDU. Good stuff!
I never heard anything about this, was this recently? Interesting if it didn't work, were the original shorthorn genetics Scotch?. Do they still have their old line Santa's?
okotoks, it's the great mystery what bulls they used. All I know is the bulls did not hold up at all. 250-350 lb weaning wieghts stuff like that. I called King ranch awhile back and NOBODY would tell me anything about where they got there bulls. There is a article in the 2009 July Shorthorn Country I believe about this venture. I was excited when I heard about this , then sad when I got wind of the results. But it still remains the mystery, what bulls did they try? I hope they were smart enough not to use the clubby deals but something tells me they did.


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