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Royalla Rockstar bred heifers

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We are really pleased with how the Royalla Rockstar K274 bred heifers are developing. These two heifers will have calves with international pedigrees! They are sired by an Australian bull out of Canadian dams and bred to the Argentine pedigree ARG Hector 1777.

mark tenenbaum:
Those are really good heifers they seem deeper ribbed and stouter made than some of the ones from the past I havent seen any of the Argentines in person or up close and NEVER HAD ANY LUCK with Australian breeding-which I couldn"t understand because some of them were really great looking with dams that were really good-Sprys Cyclone and dam were a phenomenal pair at the time-But I never saw anything out of him at all-and he was used a good bit when the semen first arrived. I think the Canadian blood and looks are different enough that they just cross better with that type of breeding than alot of ours do O0

Should be nice and deep!

Another Rockstar bred heifer. Jungels has the US semen on Royalla Rockstar K274. Diamond Flora 4H is a daughter of Royalla Rockstar K274. Her dam is sired by Saskvalley Alliance 1A. She is bred to Diamond Second Hubback 38H a homozygous polled bull with an exceptional set of EPD's. He is also free of all genetic defects.

mark tenenbaum:
You aint kidden-where did those carcass epds come from-I look a lot-but down here-The bulls get absolutely no credit for marbling I cant remember a good shorthorn bull that checks all the carcass boxes in the US STUDERS SPECIAL EFFECT HAD  GREAT CARCASS VALUES-Hes from 1994  O0


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