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I had received an e-mail from Joe Boy, he is not in the worst of the flooding area but still receving more rain than needed. I'd like to send out a special prayer/thought for those in Texas, Oklamhoma & other areas that are in the flood zones.
Also please continue to send prayers/thoughts for those of us still needing the valuable rain.
Also for all of those that are in pain or suffering personal setbacks or trials.

Thank you

Also on a personal note- my sister & her husband flew to France & Italy Friday. With all the is going overseas I need to keep them in my thoughts/prayers all the time.


Has anyone heard from Chambero recently?  That flooding is in his area. Also, I have a cousin and his family on a trip to Italy as well

Yes, I just got an e-mail from him. They are having foor rot problems w/ the pastures being so wet. No damage other than that. He said they were going to sell calves so it was going to be tricky getting them out of the fields.
Chambero did say the grass was green & the water tanks full. A blessing for that!

JoeBoy has had fences washed away. Also there is water in their church basement.


I know there is also alot of flooding in SE Kansas, they declared 18 counties disaster areas starting the next county over from us, some are completely under water.  Our area has had from 12-14 inches of rain in the last 4 days,( we are in an area that will never flood, if we do all of Kansas City would be under water), but everything is saturated, when you drive across the pasture it sound like you are driving in water.  Once again, a happy medium would be nice.


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