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Hello my name is Don with Brady Creek Cattle Co
 I'm a new member and bought a registered shorthorn herd last summer. 13 cows,  3 replacment hefiers, and K-Kim Modesto our clean up bull. We AI all our cows then clean up with the bull. Can't wait till may when our first AI calves are due. We bred cows to Sin city, Polar Express and Muridale buster.
 My goal is to get 20 good cows under 8 years old.  Then I'd like to raise show steers and hefiers.
I live in Richmond Missouri and am a school teacher.
One of our replacement hefiers born Jan.

Sired by K-Kim Modesto
thanks for a great web site. :)



--- Quote from: OH Breeder on March 28, 2008, 10:39:26 PM ---
--- Quote from: justintime on March 28, 2008, 10:30:34 PM ---OH Breeder.... here is a little information about your picture of PS Troubadour. PS Troubadour was the Grand Champion steer at the 1956 Chicago international. He was bred at Penn State and was sired by Calrossie Troubadour, who was a herd sire at Cyrus Eaton's Acadia Farms. ( this explains his name PS Troubadour).

  Cyrus Eaton was the owner and Chairman of the Board of the Cheasapeake and Ohio Railroad.After this win, he commissioned a luxury parlour car on the C&O railroad to be named the PS Troubadour, and he toured this steer throughout almost all parts of the USA and Canada for almost two years. This steer was displayed at majoe events from the East coast to the west coast, was introduced to numerous movie stars and leading politicians .... and was one of the first animals to be displayed on numerous Televison shows in the early years of TV. This steer has his own attendants that travelled with him and cared for him year round. No animal in history was ever introduced to as many world leaders as this steer was.

The picture you have shown here was taken at the 1957  Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. The people in the picture are The Right Honourable John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister of Canada from 1957 to 1963... and his wife Olive. The lady at the halter was Betty Royan who was Cyrus Eaton's secretary and also was very influential in managing the Shorthorn herds at Acadia in Ohio and Deep Cove In Nova Scotia.  Betty Royan just passed away in the last year. The Acadia herd was located at Northfield, Ohio. Is this close to where you or Red are located?Acadia was one of the most prominent Shorthorn herds of the time. I was there once with my dad, but I have no idea of where in Ohio I was at.

In this era, some of the show herds of wealthy owners, had their own luxury rail cars in which the show herds were transported from show to show. I remember seeing a couple of these rail cars when I was a young boy, and I was super impressed.

--- End quote ---

I cut and paste your information and am saving it with the photos. This way I know who is what. The calves that in the picture were from the same farm the steer came from or least the individual I purchased the photos from said. This is great info. I really appreciate it.

Northfield OH is now surrounded by Cleveland suburbs. I work inthat area at times and now it well.. I480  and I 271  in cleveland runs right near Northfield.

--- End quote ---

A little more info. regarding Acadia Farms. The last farm manager at Acadia Farms was Truman Kingsley and he was manager from 1964 to 1974. Truman passed away on March 28, 2008. After his 10 years at Acadia, he went back to his family farm at Wheatland ND where he continued to show cattle. He continued to raise Shorthorns for a few years, but more importantly, developed his own breed called Continentals which were developed using Chi, Shorthorn, and a few other genetics. His Continentals were sold throughout North America. Truman was called the winningest cattleman in North Dakota and he produced numerous Champions throughout his life. Truman Kingsley was also a great educator, and he welcomed junior and college judging teams from across the nation to his farm for judging clinics. Many of today's great judges, had a few sessions listening to Truman Kingsley. Truman also worked closely with Dr. Bert Moore at NDSU and the NDSU judging teams were often atthe Kingsley farm  before they headed out on judghing competitions. Truman Kingsley was respected by cattlemen of all breeds for his knowledge and he will be missed.

Hi, I am Sue from Norwood, Colorado ( elevation 7,000.ft). My Husband is the 4th generation to ranch in Norwood.  My husband teaches and coaches football, basketball and track. I teach accounting, marketing, business, and computers to middle and high schhol. . We have about 70 head of cows (angus and angus/maine) and farm about 200 acres of hay.  We have two sons 13 and 15 that have shown steers in the local county fair since they were 8.  Last year they started showing pigs too. My boys also play football, basketball and run track.  If you are ever in this part of the country feel free to stop by!

My name is Renee and I am 24 years old. I live in Ramona which is in Southern CA about an hour north of San Diego.  I live with my parents, sister, and neice on our ranch. We currently have 2 cow/calf pairs, 1 Shorthorn Heifer, 1 Mainetainer heifer, 2 steers, 1 Dairy Heifer, 2 veal calves, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, chickens and ducks. I also have a sheltie and my yellow lab who loves to go out and lay with the calves in their pens. My sister currently shows with 4H. I unfortunately did not get the opportunity for 4H cause we did not get into cattle until 4 years ago when she started High School and I was to old by then. I get to show once a year at the San Diego County Fair where we have an open division. I would love to be able to show more but unfortunately we dont have many open shows at all out here in CA. My goal one day is to have my own breeding operation so that I am able to sell calves for 4H and FFA kids that are not able to afford the EXPENSIVE calves that some of the kids out here end up with. We have some families that will spend anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for a calf for their child. But the kids who cannot afford that much end up with just a "range" calf that doesnt even stand the chance against them. I would love to have Shorthorns, Angus, and whatever else comes my way.:)  My sister is going to be attending an agriculture community college this year and she hopes to have her own club calf breeding program.

I am looking forward to chatting with everyone and I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful calving and show season!!!

Mark Holmen - wife Becky and 2 boys Ryan and Carter (ages 5 & 2) - and we are Bluff Country Cattle!  Farm located near the little town of Lanesboro, MN here in SE MN.  I work as a district sales manager for DTN (farm markets, news and weather) to support my angus habit.  Currently will calve 12 cows this spring, with 21 to breed here shortly.  My uncle has been in the purebred angus business since the 60's, so got some good experience and travels there (  My cowherd is primarily IL bred, with purchases from the Marvin Kramer family in southern IL, and McLand Angus in western IL.  I also got a nice cow from Pohlman Angus in Norfolk, NE.  My new herd sire is a Grid Topper son, and was purchased from friends RTM Cattle CO also close by.  Look forward to meeting more of ya down the road...


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