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Since we have so many new members I thought it would be nice to revisit some old members ( not age) & learn about some newer ones. Tell us about where you live, the type of operation you have & any other interesting tidbits!

I'm Red, which comes from Red Maple Farm. I'm one of the moderators & try to be as much help as possible. I live in northwest central Ohio. I have about 15 registered Maine cattle along w/ my dear sweet hubby. We also have about 50 commercial cows & calves on the farm. We farm about 3500 acres w/ the hubby's brothers & nephews. To be honest, we couldn't do our cattle without the help of a nephew.

I have a corgi named Woody, who has become the internet sensation. Also have the famous King Killer Kitty.

We try to get to a few shows, especially enjoy the NAILE. We typically sell calves through the Ohio Beef Expo & privately. Our web site is

Would love to hear about both old & new members!

Red  (welcome)  (clapping)

Olson Family Shorthorns:
I'm Justin Olson, of Olson Family Shorthorns.  My Dad, younger Sister, and I have about 15 registered Shorthorn cows and farm about 1200 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, and a little hay in East Central Illinois.
When I'm not at school at the University of Illinois, I'm at home being in charge of the show calves.

We have a heeler, Montana, and a couple of barn cats that keep the show heifers busy.

We show quite a bit, and we're really looking forward to Jr. Nationals in KC this summer.  We sell most of our calves privately, but we have started to consign to some sales here and there. 

If anyone is ever in Eastern IL, or Western IN, let us know; we would love to show you the calves and talk cows.

We are Romshek Show Cattle, Tony, Dani, Grant(9), Gavin(5) and Grady(4). "I call the boys my G-String"

We run a small club-calf, Maine and % Breeding cattle operation.  We have 25 cows, Several Donors and use Coop herds.   We live in East Central Nebraska(Shelby).

You can check us out at

Pictured below are

1. Tony & Dani
2. Grant
3. Gavin(Right) & Grady(Left)


i am Chap.  I live in Eastern IA (Scott County).  My wife and I have 2 girls (3 and 6) and 1 corgi named Bob.  I am a commodity merchant by day and a cattle junkie 24/7. 
My cattle partner and I run Sugar Creek Farms and together run about 60 cows, mostly club calf oriented.  We have begun some ET work in the past year and are ramping up that portion of the buisness.  We are members of the MAine, CHi and Simmental associations. 
I grew up on a commercial cow/calf  and row crop operation and was a member of the 1995 judging team at Iowa State University.  I get the chance to judge a few county fairs and jackpots in IA every year and have also done some judging at Iowa Beef Expo and Iowa State Fair.  My most memoriable judging job was doing the Alaska State Fair in August of 2002.  (ever evaluated pygmy goats?) 
We would love to show off the cattle and chat if any of you are ever in Eastern IA.

Im Fluffer, Located in west central OH with my husband and daughter (18 months old)  We have about 80 commercial (angus, gelbvieh, simmi) cows.  I am a Gelbvieh breeder at heat  ;)  We produce good carcass quality cattle with 10% of our bull calves selling as yearlings, retaining 10% of our heifers for replacement and the rest of our calves selling of feeders.  We do occationally sell "club" steers.  When our daughter gets close to show age we will begin breeding her cows for show steers.  I have shown all over the US with my Gelbviehs and have won Jr. Nationals, Eastern Regionals, Expo and State Fair.  My husband and I were both on the OSU livestock Judging team, and both have judged a little.  I also raise and train Border Collies and we occationally take on "problem calves" and break them for kids in our area.  I am a training director for an independent grocer who owns and operates 9 local grocrey stores.  My Husband is a cattle buyer/seller.

I look forward to meeting the rest of you- Good idea Red  ;D

Would be glad to talk cattle with anyone!  Just PM me



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