Quantcast trying to learn still so I am asking a couple questions. Thanks ahead of time!


Author Topic: trying to learn still so I am asking a couple questions. Thanks ahead of time!  (Read 2721 times)

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I am possibly looking at buying a couple heifers to breed next year.  The first one in my opinion is a pretty nice walks alone heifer the only thing is that she toes out in her front legs a little bit.  I am not showing her or anything just looking to breed her next year.  What do you guys think on front legs that toe out a little bit.  I did look at the cow she was out of and the cow was very sound...  Does anyone have any walks alone cows that have had calves are they ok cows???????

My next question is about an Amen heifer.  will the amen heifers be pretty good cows in your opinion?

thanks again for any insight that you may give me.

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A lot of cattle toe out a little, and it isn't the worst problem they can have, especially if you don't plan to show the heifer. However, there are a few considerations with an issue like that...

How severe is the issue? I might not be AS concerned about a slight imperfection as I would be if the condition is fairly prominent. Structural issues are red flags because they are usually just one issue connected to another. Did you study this heifer structurally and find her to be completely sound otherwise? Not seeing the animal, I might tend to think she may have other issues as well, kinda like a house with one crack in the foundation...if you look closely, you're apt to find more problems.

How old is this heifer? Structural issues also rarely correct themselves, and they may become more severe as cattle grow and develop.

Lastly, what are your intentions with this heifer? You don't plan to show her, but are you thinking you othr raise show calves out of her? Structure is a hard thing to correct with breeding. It seems like calves always take on the worst problems of either parent, so I wouldn't be optimistic about her calves not having the same issue. If you're just looking for commercial heifers to raise calves, I might still consider heifers that don't have structural problems. If this heifer has other good parts and you think she is worth the money with genetics that offer something you want in your breeding program, then give her a shot.

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I think if it were me, I would look for a bred to buy. With the costs of feed being high, I think that you will be money ahead to look for and buy a young bred cow so that your return will be quicker. You may can take the some of the guess work out of the equation @ the same time as to whether or not the female can have and raise a healthy vigorous calf.
  This is just me maybe, but I don't think we know enough about the Walks Alone females yet as to whether or not they carry Heat Wave's milking ability or if they will be better. I wouldn't make excuses for a calf turning out either. I would pass on questionable structure. JMO

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I have two first calf walks alone hiefers in production.  One is out of an Angus cow and the other is out of a SimAngus cow.  Both heifers have plenty of milk and their calves by Crimson Tide are  keepers so far.  I think Walks Alone will make some nice females out of maternally bred femails.   


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