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5 Peaks Classic, Saturday, May 29, 2010, Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Madras, Oreogn.  Steers and Heifers.  We will run 2 show rings, 2 judges, and champions win $$ and buckles in each ring. Come join the fun!

How do I get entry info for this years jackpot in Madras?


The Oregon Jackpot was made for the farmers. In this project farmers can get the subsidies for their farm on pay someone to write my research paper the semi government basis and this project leads farmers to grow their farms and cattle as well.

Oregon jackpot is a topic that is for thousands of the times by the author named as the FJ Bogey who is a one star newbie. We will run the 2 show rings with the merch of 2 judges and the championship win at the best dollar rings.


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