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8 Most Successful SteerPlanet Forum Topics

The success of the Shorty Bull Thread had me thinking what are the top 8 most successful topics on Steer Planet.  Success is determined by the total # of page views.


Word Association Game 658875
Shorty hf bulls 97993
Red’s (Cathy) Scholarship 77883
Special prayer/thought request 57897
Hair Growth 101 56235
E- Scrabble 55804
Mixing Kleen Sheen and vinegar 47681
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Going to Jr. Nationals?

Let us know your going or share your past experience in this thread here.

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Classifieds Survey

Sold or Bought something from the Steer Planet classifieds section?  If I could get a minute of your time to fill out the survey below I would appreciate it.  The goal is to help  improve the classifieds and make it a better experience for all.  The classifieds will always remain 100% free.

Click here to take the short survey.

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Another Successful SteerPlanet Transaction

From Garrett:

“I was looking for a shorthorn bull about a month ago and I don’t come on here a lot but I checked out a couple bulls on here and purchased a Shorthorn bull from Doc aka Mike Davis from just a picture of the bull, a few calves by him, and a recent video and I don’t like buying cattle if I haven’t seen them in person, but I took the chance and I picked him up at Duis’s on friday afternoon and was really pleased with him and after a couple days to recover from the long trip I am really excited to put him out on my cows and will let him breed close to 15 cows so be watching for Impact calves next year!
The transaction was smooth and easy and couldn’t be happier!”

Post or read more stories here…

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Are You Missing an Opportunity?

I think people often don’t look at forums as a type of social media, but I see it as one of the most important.

You are basically connecting everyone that is interested in a particular subject and crossing cities, states, and countries.  Take a look at some of Steerplanet’s most active posters, they reside in Canada and Australia.  Forums connect in away that facebook, twitter, and blogs can’t.

I have been trying to convince some of the leaders in this industry to become more involved in the forums.  There is absolutely no doubt, most read them on daily/weekly basis, but yet they are hesitant to ink their name on a post.  It’s a huge opportunity missed. Being helpful and accessible to your industry is gaining an audience of 35,000 monthly users.


  • By posting, your name is out there.  People are constantly seeing it and it will further brand your company.
  • Your website/blog in your signature line.  Free advertisement, everytime you post.
  • You can answer questions directly about your product/service.
  • You will gain respect by being knowledgeable and willing to help out.


  • You might have to respond to problem/criticism.  But, honesty, the  proper response to a problem can gain you more goodwill and business.  Also to note, unwarranted, liable criticism is removed swiftly.


Here are a few people that can be found posting on Steer Planet – I know I am missing more, but here is a few that pop off the top of my head.  Now none of these people below are actively pushing a product on the forums, they are being a part of the community.  However for me and others, their “brand” follows them on every post.

jbh – Brad Hook – Brad Hook Broadcasting System

Jeff_SchroederCattle.com, showcattle.com and a litany other other show simulation websites.

jsullSullivan Farms and Sullivan Supply Company

Rachel Cutrer @ RHD – Rachel from Ranch House Designs


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Steer Planet Random Facts

How many personal messages sent via Steer Planet on a daily basis?

I didn’t want to average it out, so I just picked a day at random. On Monday, May 16th, 2011, there was 156 personal messages sent via Steer Planet. Lots of deals happening and members communicating.

FYI, I can’t read your personal messages unless they our reported to me. Technically I could look in the database table where they are stored, but it is fairly cumbersome because of the size and it is something that I do not do.

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SteerPlanet Celebrates it’s 5th Year

Domain Registered Feb 21st, 2006 and Forum created May 13th, 2006

Wow, it has been five years since I registered the domain name, designed the logo, and started the forum.  The original idea behind was two fold; provide a free resource for the breeder to market his calves and to cultivate relationships throughout the show steer industry.

First and foremost this website will always be about the great members.  I take great pride in the relationships that have been built via this website.  It will always remain free and the central focus will be on our members.

Thanks again for everyone making the first 5 a success. If you ever have a question or comment, please do not hesitate to call 620-270-1819 or email support@steerplanet.com

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Classified Categories

Because of the sheer volume of classifieds and at the request of our members, it became necessary to break it up into categories.

Take a look here.

The categories are as follows…

Semen & Embryos
Equipments & Supplies

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