A new classified/auction service from Steer Planet will launch by weeks end.  I really wanted to get it out earlier, but got slowed down with working out some issues on the forums.

As always the cost is FREE for all classified listings, if I wanted to get cute I could charge for bold or featured listings, but that is not how we do things on Steer Planet.  The new system actually will reside on a different server than Steer Planet, the reasoning is make sure it does not go down anytime we are experiencing high memory loads from the forum.

Here is a Brief List of new features:

  • Add more images and video to your listing.
  • Search all listings by zip code proximity.
  • Create a search filter and be notified view when a new listing matching your filter appears.
  • Search by breed, sire, or keywords.
  • Copy ads, no need to create a new listing from scratch.
  • Mark your listing as sold.
  • Renew your listing.
  • More Categories/Sub-Categories.
  • Save listings to your favorites.
  • Determine the best way to be contacted.
  • Feed your listings onto your website/blog.
  • Manage your own private treaty internet auction – which includes proxy bidding, extended bidding, etc.