I have spent the last couple Sundays filming and photographing cattle for my brother’s and other cosigner’s upcoming sale, “Best of the Best”. It has been hit and miss on the video quality that I have captured. I went against my advice below and did not use a tripod, which proved to not be a good idea. Image stabilization is a neat feature, but it does not replace a tripod.

After uploading the raw .avi files to my computer, I pull them into Pinnacle Studio 12 for editing. Before I bought this program, I asked the advice of the resident video experts on steerplanet, jbh (Brad Hook), and creativecattle, both replied to use a program called “Final Cut”. Unfortunately for pc users, it is a program built for the Mac. I ended up buying Pinnacle 12, which is doing the job, albeit with a few bugs here and there, but way more stable than windows movie maker.

After editing, I am then uploading the videos to Youtube to save the bandwidth on steerplanet. Not only does youtube provide a free source of hosting, but it also provides more exposure for your sale.

Dr. Michael Koch

What: 7th Annual Best of the Best Private Treaty Sale
When: Viewing Starts August 20th, Bidding ends Sept. 13th at 3:00 pm.
Where: Harrisonville, MO,
Why: Only Top Prospects from a pool of over 1200 head. Past Winners on a Local, State, and National Level.
Who: Koch Club Calves, Riley Farms, Rushly Farms, Rushly Club Calves, Krauss Club Calves