by Cathy Billenstein, “Red”

Summer Hair Care

*Make sure you are feeding a sound nutritional based ration. Too many times this is one of the most overlooked  areas when trying to grow hair. If you are adding extra products, make sure the total ration is balanced. Too “hot” of a ration can burn hair also. Adjusting quantities can also throw off the mineral & vitamin ratios.

*Work, work & more work!!

*If you use a cooler room- make them large enough for the cattle to move around (approximately 20 X 24) use fans to circulate air.

*If cattle are in an air-conditioned cool room, do not tie them up and make sure they have plenty of fresh water at all times.

*Keep air-conditioning set between 45-55 degrees.

*Do not turn cattle outside until dark and at least 70 degrees or cooler.

*Keep pens as dark as possible, no sunlight.

*If you don’t have a cool room, use fans continually and also follow dark rules. Use a misting system if possible.

*Rinse 3 to 4 times daily

       5:00-6:00 am

       Noon-1:00 PM

       6:00-7:00 PM

       Rinse before turning out at night

*Work, work, & more work!!!

*Rinse each calf for 30 minutes every time you rinse. It is very important that he is cold from rinsing. He should feel cool to the touch.

*It is not necessary to use shampoo every day. I use it just once a week but use a hair conditioner twice a day.

*After rinsing, use a rice brush to remove excess water. The brush will stimulate blood flow to the hair.

*Use a roto (drill) brush once a week on the entire body and everyday on the legs.

         Be very careful not to catch the tail in the brush!

         Let the brush do the work

         Use it on a damp calf

         Start at the bottom and work upward on legs

         Do not push the brush but use a light touch

*Work, work & more work!

*Have patience there are no short cuts to growing and keeping hair! Stay on the program and you will start to see results of your hard work in 30-45 days.