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Another Classified Success Story

From Blazina in Iowa

“A California family while in Iowa picking up a heifer saw our steers for sale ads. They were only looking for one steer but ended buying 2 steers and 2 heifers. These are people that will not only be repeat customers but friends for life. A big Thank You to SteerPlanet for providing a forum to reach out nationally to potential customers.”



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Man Among Boys (MAB) Online Semen Sale OPEN on Steer Planet Auctions


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Baughman Show Cattle Online Sale – Nov 5th

Click Here to View the Lots


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New Peterson Bros Video – I’m So Farmer

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Sneak A Peek Preview-December 6th & 7th, 2014


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American Royal Grand & Reserve Champion Steers Video from MLC

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Are Online Sales Legit?

This fall sale season certainly hasn’t been short of high prices, but how much is real money?

A good topic of conservation is taking place at the link below.



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Skeans Cattle – “The One Sale” on 10.18.14 in Sulphur Springs, TX


BARA MS 2801 REALITY 79Y – Reg. #F1150848

Reality x Wyoming Wind x 914

Sells in “The One Sale” on 10.18.14 in Sulphur Springs, TX



SKS VERNA A81 – Reg. #F1173990

Wind Power x  79Y

Sells in “The One Sale” on 10.18.14 in Sulphur Springs, TX


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