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If you run a blog, forum, or any type of website that solicits user comments, you run into spammers.  In my case, most spammers do not seek to post on the forum, however they just want to register their account and update their profile with a website.  The reason being is, more incoming links to their website results in a higher ranking in search engines.  Most of the time, they individuals are not promoting their website, they are hired by someone to get them x amount of incoming links.

I have been running visual verification (captcha image), since the beginning of the forum.  Last year I added a couple logic questions and while I have greatly trimmed the spam, I still get a few registrations.  I decided to take it a step further and use Google’s recaptcha tool.  Essentially it uses a more sophisticated image that prevents it from being read correctly by computers.  It is not fool proof, spammers can also use human power to decipher the correct letters, however this greatly slows down the process for them.

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“The MAN Behind the BULL”

This video was posted by Brad Hook (jbh) late last week and part 2 was posted today.  I will let the video tell the story, but it is about part owner of Heat Seeker, Larry Campbell.

Part 1

Part 2

Follow this link to the thread to see part 2 of the video.


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Steerplanet Directory

A Steerplanet link directory is coming soon.  It has been taking a little longer than expected, mainly due to time constraints with work and other projects.  I hoping to have it knocked out in the next week and I will get it added to the menu bar.

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Very Sad Day on Steer Planet

It is with great sadness we learned of the passing of Cathy Billenstein, aka “Red.” As many of you know, Cathy was the heartbeat of Steer Planet. No other person had more influence on Steer Planet than Cathy. She was always quick with a kind word, first to answer questions, and always there to share her experiences.

I did not know Cathy personally, but I felt I knew her quite well over the years. She was always telling us about Mark, Woody, and Killer Kitty.

Prayers go to Mark and the rest of her family.


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Welcome to SteerPlanet

Join the fast growing community for show steers and club calves with over 75,000 visitors a month. Our goal is to provide a community atmosphere for cattle showman and breeders across the country.

It is free to join and provides you with the latest information, articles, links to breeders, classified listings, forums, and much more. Register Now

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Steer Planet t-shirts should be available as early as next week.  I am going to sell them at my cost + shipping, I am hoping to be around $10 to $11 shipped.  I will add them to the SteerPlanet store and you will be able to purchase them using PayPal or personal check.  I will have 30 available to start.

I know there is demand for other products and I know there are several members that provide custom screen printing and embroidery.  I can provide the vector image to anyone that wants to reproduce the logo on a product.  They just need to contact via email at support@steerplanet.com for further instructions.

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