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The Big Show / Online auctions - the fine print
« on: September 22, 2016, 01:26:22 PM »
If you actually study the fine print it gives the auction company the right to bid up auctions to minimum thresholds, a reserve without the appearance of a reserve.

It shouldn't effect you, if you have a set price that you are going to pay, if you stick to that price than you can't be influenced.  The problem is that psychologically, it hard not to bid just a little more than you wanted to pay trying to outbid the other bidder.

It is not illegal in some states, but has to be disclosed.  Thoughts?

I know there is quite a few from down under on here.  Seems like a positive deal and China is growing like crazy.


The deal is expected to open up new markets for Australian farmers while meeting China's hunger for red meat.

"It's a great breakthrough," Australian cabinet minister Christopher Pyne told Channel Nine TV.

China is Australia's largest trading partner.

The two countries are also seeking to finalise a free trade agreement.

They have been discussing exporting live animals for many years but the official talks leading towards this deal only began in February.

The cattle deal is not thought to be linked to the proposed free agreement, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

While the deal has yet to be formally announced, Australian officials say they expect it to be finalised soon.

According to Reuters news agency, the deal was held up because of concerns over Bluetongue disease, a virus present in Australian cattle that could pose a threat to China's sheep flocks.

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