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Besides the following, who would you recommend to look for a red angus heifer to show next year?

In no particular order:

Cloud 9
TC Reds
Solution Genetics
Thomas Ranch

The Big Show / Dunlap Livestock Auction club calf sale
« on: October 30, 2018, 10:29:33 AM »
Has anybody sold calves at the Dunlap IA sale first Sunday in December?  Can't find any results from the past years.  Hear they often have over 100 head.  What's the quality of the calves been and average prices?

The Big Show / Good as Gold
« on: March 03, 2018, 02:19:20 PM »
Anybody ever use or see calves out of Good as Gold?  He looks like he should be the real deal but don't see or hear anything about him.  A search on here has nothing after he was out at Denver as a yearling.  Maybe that answers my question?

I know this has been asked before, even by me with pictures, but it's a new year and either I'm not searching correctly or I am blind because I am only seeing older posts.  We have 3 THC cows (7 yr old, and two 3 yr olds, also a yearling that I need to blood test yet but will assume THC for now).  We are shooting for steers or market heifers.  Old cow is a Golden Child x Mossy Oak.  One 2 yr old is her daughter by Rumor Mill.   This breeding clicked nicely and added dimension and depth to her compared to momma who is pretty tubular. She's bred to HXC Conquest as the first choice did not stick and this was next best we had in the tank The other 2 yr old is the 7 yr old's granddaughter by Mercedes Benz.  MGS was a line bred Northern Improvement bull.  She is not as powerful as the Rumor Mill, not as much depth, but more feminine.  An extremely flukey situation resulted in her losing her calf this year.  The yearling is the 7 yr old's calf by LT Bluegrass.  Our goal there was to soften her up and add some depth, this accomplished that in our opinion.  Not needing anymore females at this time we want steers or market heifers.  The 7 yr old is due in a month to Hoo Made Hoo.  We also tried Business Done Right, and Firepower last year on her now deceased daughter but none stuck, that's why she's gone.  Moto Moto intrigues me on the yearling, but all are up for grabs.  Color does not matter, just want the best chance for the most powerful live calf we can shoot for.  What's everyone's thoughts?  I can post pics if anyone asks. 

Nick Reimann Passed Away

MONDAY, APRIL 28, 2014 

Nick Reimann passed away over the weekend in a plane crash that claimed multiple lives.

This isnt the place for eulogies but Ill say that Ive run into him about half a dozen times in Denver over the years and he was always one of the most polite and professional people Id run across each January. 

He was one of the good guys by just about any measurement.


Rest in peace and God Bless his family.

The Big Show / What does MAC mean?
« on: September 16, 2013, 09:27:46 AM »
Looking at a sale catalog for some red angus cattle and a comment on one is "would have been in the donor pen if not MAC".  What does that mean?

Rice county fair FFA meat goat show, Thursday, July 18th 1.30 pm  Entries due July 5th.

Rice county fair Jackpot meat goat show, Thursday, July 18th, 7 pm.  Pre entry due July 14th. Can enter day of show.

Faribault, MN  Questions on jackpot call Guy Lawrence 507-210-1529

Rice county fair Jackpot beef show Friday, July 19th 7pm.  Faribault, MN.  $ 400 Ch market animal, $ 400 Ch heifer, $ 200 RC  market animal and heifer, $ 150 Ch dairy steer, $ 75 RC dairy steer.  Can arrive Thu at noon until 5pm Friday.  $25 entry by July 1, $ 35 after July 1. Can register night of show.  Power is limited, bring generators, can fit out of trailers.
For additional information contact: Tim Hoover 507-269-6443

Entry form attached.  Hope to see you there.

FFA show is at 10 am same day.  Entry fee is $ 3.00 per head.  Entries due by July 5th.

Info and entry form also attached.

Stock Show U is Saturday afternoon.  Show is Sunday.  See attached pdf for info.

The Big Show / Charolais bulls on club calf cows to raise a smoke
« on: January 15, 2013, 03:04:47 PM »
My daughter has been bugging me to breed her cow(s) and attempt to get a smoke colored calf.  In our very short history in this project, I have witnessed personally, and been told on here by others, that there is merit to only having the dam or the sire be clubby bred with the other being a purebred or half blood to try to maintain some type of consistency in the breeding.  Not sure if that is true, but our experience has been clubby x clubby = really good or below average.  Whereas the clubby x purebred or high % results in good to very good calves, but rarely/never trainwrecks.  So with that being said, we may experiment with putting some clubby bulls on purebred cow(s), and putting purebred bulls on clubby cows.  The clubby cows we are looking for smokeys out of are a mother/daughter pair that i have posted on here before and talked about in other posts.  Mother is a Golden Child X Mossy Oak, her daughter is sired by a Northern Improvement linebred bull from Smurf on this forum.  Both are th carriers, but ph free.  I will post pics if desired, but my questions are this.  Am I wacked in my thinking above?  If not, who would I talk to or what type of Charolais bull should I consider?  Has anyone done this before?  What can I risk?  Are rattails a concern?  I know nothing about that trait.

Had the vet out today to look at our almost 3 yr old Angus cow.  She has a lump on her jaw about 8-12 inches long, and 2-4 inches wide.  On the lower part of the lump, the hair is worn off, and it is scabby but not draining.  The vet poked the lump numerous times and locations with a syringe to see if there was any puss present, there was/is none.  She only bled some from the needle pokes.  This lump started about golf ball size 4 months ago, went to baseball size in 2-3 days.  I gave her some penicillin at that time and it shrunk back to golf ball size and did not grow significantly until this last month.  At the time, the vet said she probably ran a blade of grass through her jaw and the penicillin would stem off infection until the abscess would rupture and clean out.  Today we did not lance it due to the lump being hard.  I gave her 40 cc of penicillin and the vet suggested 60 cc more in 2 days.  I have searched lumpy jaw, (her suspicion) on this site and cattle today and cattle.com and read that sodium iodine can be effective if not pregnant.  She is 6 months along now, and was 2 months bred when first noticed the lump.  No whipping needed about why I waited so long, done that myself, but always thought it was an abscess and would take care of itself.  Never heard of lumpy jaw until today.  My question today,  after reading the other posts and research, is should I risk contamination of the other 4 cows she is with and hope for a calf in three months or should I ship her today?  I can supplement her stalks/hay,protein and mineral with a complete feed to help her maintain condition.  She comes up to eat and I see her eat, but I think she has lost some weight the last couple of weeks.

We have an April born angus bull by SAV Final Answer out of a New Horizon cow.  Was planning on selling him next spring at auction, but was approached what I would want for him this fall.  Never sold one before, how do you determine a fair price?  Will try to get pictures up if requested.

I am thinking of breeding this years heifer calves to sexed heifer semen.  Genex is our main supplier, but can use others.  The heifers are 3 way cross % Maine club calves.  Any recommendations?  Angus, Sim, SimAngus, Maine, or just breed them to a calving ease clubby bull?  Planning on keeping the resulting heifer calves.  Sim or Maine would allow the calves to be shown as percentages.  Thanks for your input. 

The Big Show / What would you breed them to?
« on: March 02, 2012, 09:46:16 AM »
1)     Budzy -  4 yr old Golden Child x Mossy Oak cow, THC, phf, has good bone, hair, muscling, very correct structurally, lacks spring of rib.  First 2 calves out of a line bred Northern Improvement bull that are nice, just a little light muscled.  Bred to I-80 this year.
2)      Darla - 2 yr old out of above cow due this spring with first calf out of Mercedes Benz.  THC, phf.  Smaller framed, and lighter muscled than her mother but good hair, bone and correctness.  Very pretty profile, and deeper ribbed than her dam.  Best looking one of the bunch.
3)      Snickers - 2 yr old Maintainer heifer out of a purebred Angus bull.  Not sure on dam's sire.  Also due this spring with first calf to Mercedes Benz.  Has muscle, frame, correctness, adequate but not heavy boned.  Could use hair, and cleaned up in front end.  She's pretty powerful, but not real feminine.
4)      Peach - 2011 Heifer out of Gigolo Joe x Who Made Who x Ali.  Biggest fault is she toes out in the front, not real wide chested.  She may not be a keeper, looking at breeding her 1 X then either selling her or keeping her as a recept.  Has nice hair, straight, adequate muscle, not real heavy boned,  very clean necked, (too tight, hence the chest issue?)
5)      Cindy - 2011 Heifer out of the line bred Northern Improvement bull and a Heatwave cow.  Dam was thf and phf.  She has a surprising amount of hair, nice rib, moderate muscle and bone.  Pretty correct.
6)     Ethel - 2011 heifer out of Hairy Bear son is sire out of a WMW x Strictly Business cow.  Very correct structurally, lots of hair, adequate, not excessive muscle.  Adequate/Moderate boned.  Do not know th or ph status.

Can't get the pictures to compress sorry.  any help would be appreciated.

Cattle For Sale / Boer goats, not cattle for sale
« on: September 22, 2011, 02:09:59 PM »
I have 2 Jan Boer wethers and 1 Feb wether that could be very competitive if there are any more shows that someone would want to take them to down south.  Were not able to make it to Ak Sar Ben with them.  1 was Res Ch FFA mkt goat at the MN state fair, the other won his class, the Feb was 5th in class.  If interested I will post pics.  Located south of Minneapolis.  Send pm or call Jeff at 507-838-7459.

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