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Wanted / FOUND ONE! KY/IN to central Pennsylvannia
« on: September 12, 2011, 06:24:29 PM »
I found them a ride.   

Found this article interesting, & even though it's focus is more about dairy, I wanted to share a link to the story...


The Big Show / Fertility question?
« on: February 17, 2011, 11:24:08 PM »
Last year, I wasn't able to pull the bull in one of my herds due to space restrictions.  That herd had 14 spring calvers.  Out of those 14, 9 have already calved so far this year.  2 of them calved around 60 days earlier than last year & 7 have calved about 30 days earlier than last year.  7 of these had their 1st calves last year.  Of the few remaining, all of them could still calve earlier than last year.

My question is this... for a herd that has average nutrion at best (fescue, some clover, mineral, salt, fresh water) & some really good milking Tarentaise, a Simmi X and a couple Shorthorns in the mix is this pretty good?   I would think so, but curious what others think.  Also, if it is indeed really good, would it be very likely that the bull is also extremely fertile?  I haven't tested him, but I am wondering if this may mean that he may possibly be a good candidate for sexed semen?  Also, I wonder how likely it might be that he may have Fertility-Associated Antigen in his semen?  I think so, but I know that it's impossible to know for sure... just curious what others might think.  Or is this possibly more to do with the female side of things? 

The best news... It has nothing to do with fertility, but despite the colder winter & calving earlier in all the snowy, icy, wintery weather, I've had a 100% calf crop so far calving out in pasture!   


Cattle For Sale / Blue Roan heifer for sale... 1/2 Lowline
« on: February 14, 2011, 07:56:03 PM »
Double 1/2 blood Lowline heifer which should increase her consistency.  Her sire is a full brother to the 2008 National Champion Bull & her dam is from Rocking J Ranch (Jerry Adamson - Nebraska) genetics.  She is an extremely docile heifer that we purchased as a pair at the side of her dam.   She is a rare blue roan % Lowline with a good amount of hair.  Her full sister placed 2nd in class to the 2009 Supreme Champion Lowline at the NAILE!  She's only been on some soy hulls, C.G.F. & hay.  She has not been washed or clipped or fitted in anyway.  No photo shop either.  What you see is exactly what you get.  She should make a great cow & produce some nice show calf babies.          

This heifer did suffer an injury (we were told an older bull calf rode her & broke her down), as a baby, before she was delivered to our place, & she developed a limp. She still has a slight hitch, but it's barely noticable now, if at all, & we don't expect any problems. But, honesty is the best policy & due to the previous injury, we are offering her at a discount.     

Located in northwest Kentucky, but we have cattle going several different directions this spring, so shared transport is possible, but not promised.  If interested PM, email kylowline@yahoo.com or call (270) 997-0041



Wanted / Need ride from KY, TN, IN or IL to northwest PA...
« on: February 06, 2011, 01:39:42 AM »
Bull & heifer.  Both under 1,000 lbs.  Need to go sometime this spring.  If interested please PM. 


Cattle For Sale / Fullblood Lowline Heifer... Donor Prospect...
« on: November 02, 2010, 11:47:30 AM »
Note: I took these pictures in a hurry yesterday afternoon, so they are not the best.  Never been clipped, brushed, blown, etc.  What you see is what you get.  I will try to get better pics soon.  

Super docile Fullblood Lowline Heifer with a unique comination of beiong long sided & extremely deep.  She's sound, all 4's go forward, level topped all the way to the back of her tailhead  & she naturally stands wide in the rear.  Extremely calm & should be perfect for a young, 1st time exhibitor.  She will be halter broken.        

Sired by the multi-Australian Champion bull (including Grand Champion at the Sydney Royal), Murrumbong Roulette.  Her dam, KTF Lady Susan, is a daughter of Boris (the sire of Absolut) & a granddaughter of Eliza Park Brenton (sire & grandsire of numerous USA National Champions).  She is backed by 4 generations of proven, successful donor cows.  This heifers granddam, MS Rocking Brenton 253K, was a top donor for Sharidon Farms in Missouri & was raised by Jerry Adamson in Nebraska.  She also traces back to the famous Mugga Ellen E315 cow (Originally aka Glen Innes E315), who is the granddam of several National & Reserve National Champions.   

She was recently weaned, immediately hauled 1 1/2 hours, a couple days later she was hauled another 6-7 hours, put on only mediocre grass hay for about a week, before being hauled again & finally put on some soy hulls, which she's been on for a little over a week now.   She's recently been roughed about as hard as you can rough one & I think that she has handled it extremely well, but her best days are ahead of her!

A bargain at $3,500.  Delivery to southeast Nebraska, the NAILE & other locations are possible.  

This heifer is co-owned by the joint venture of TJ Stenger, J&K Livestock, Morganfield, KY & Dr. Edwin Robertson, Haymaker Farms, Speedwell, TN

(270) 997-0041

I also have 2 full sisters & a 1/2 sister that is sired by Doc Holliday that are also available, as well as several extremely nice percentage heifers

The Big Show / Critics needed...
« on: February 26, 2010, 01:37:45 PM »
My sister is running for county clerk & I just put together a website for her.  She just went public with it this morning, but before too many view it, I wanted to get some critical feedback, whether good or bad.  She's attempting to come up with some more pics to use as possible replacements or for additional pages.  Anybody have any suggestions, ideas or any other constructive comments?  You can view it here at...



The Big Show / Lowline Sired Steers
« on: February 23, 2010, 10:13:13 PM »
I said that I would give a report if I ever sold any more Lowline steers at a sale barn...

FWIW, last week, I let my dad sell 3 Lowline sired steers at a local sale barn.  The sale facility is about 1.25 - 1.5 hours away & they had a big run.  The 3 calves averaged right around 8 months of age.  They were raised without any creep feed & have been fed soy hulls & grass hay since weaning.  I "eye ball" guessed them to weigh around 550-575 when they left.  They weighed 538 lbs. in the sale ring & brought $1.02.  Nothing earth shattering & they didn't top the sale, but certainly not bad at all considering what our 4 local sale barns were paying last week.  Fortunately, just like the last halfblood calf that I sold, these 3 calves didn't take the beating that several have suggested would end up being the case when selling Lowline sired calves the sale barn route.  The dams were probably frame 5.5 - 6 females.  Good sized, but certainly not BIG females.  

1 more thing, the only other Lowline sired calf that I sold at a sale barn, was just under 700 lbs. at 11 months (he grossed just pennies under $750, a few years ago).  Figuring the WDA, these 3 calves would've been about the same weight (around 700) at 11 months.  The only trick is that if you want to do this, you can't feed them too much or too quickly or you will get them too fat & that will get you into trouble.  But, hey, hay is cheaper than grain, right & isn't net profit (not the gross) the name of the game?   ;)

The Big Show / 4th Runner Up Miss America
« on: January 30, 2010, 09:21:50 PM »
Wow, a distant relative of mine just won 4th Runner Up Miss America, as Miss Kentucky.  My grandmother & her grandmother were 1st cousins.  Her aunt was a classmate of mine & two of her uncles were my wrestling coaches in HS.  At least somebody several branches over in my family tree received some looks & some brains.   ;)   Anyway, it's kinda cool to see a local girl do well at a national level.  Not everyday that stuff happens.  Congrats to her!   (thumbsup)  

The Big Show / Shorthorn Plus Fall 08 Bull Calf...
« on: December 18, 2009, 05:11:00 PM »
These pics aren't the best, he's in his working clothes (no clippers or grooming) & he's on a high roughage diet, but does this young, extremely low birth weight Shorthorn Plus bull have any potential?   He's a fall 08 with a 54 lb. birth weight (My memory is obviously not as crisp as it once was... I misspoke & I apologize... I just looked it up... not that 2 lbs. is going to change opinions, but it is 54, not 52).

The Big Show / What bull would you use to flush?
« on: November 09, 2009, 10:37:40 PM »
I've got a Lowline X Shorthorn X Angus female that I am considering flushing.  She's a Sin City granddaughter.  IMHO, she's got plenty of length, even if she doesn't look like it in the pic below & she's got more extension than the pic shows too (her head is turned).  She's got good hair.  She also has a great looking udder & more than enough milk.  Her calf is only a few days old, but he already looks like a keeper.  I thought that he was black when he was first born, but he's got some roaning.  Anyway, I am impressed enough that I am thinking hard about flushing her.  Not sure which way to go with her, because she's so maternal, but I think that she could really make some nice steers.  But, it would be nice to get some heifers too.  Been thinking about Monopoly, TM Gus (Shorthorn marked calves), maybe a Hannibal son like Tycoon, NCharge or Shadow or possibly a Smoke bull.  IDK... what do you think?    Pic of her as a yearling below...


The Big Show / NAILE Lowline Show & Sale... (Pics added)
« on: November 09, 2009, 09:28:22 PM »
Just letting everybody know that we are having our 2nd Lowline Show at the NAILE in Louisville, KY on Nov. 19 @ 11 AM.  We have 105 head entered which should make this show the 2nd largest Lowline Show in the USA!  

Also, we are having our 1st ever NAILE Lowline Sale in New Market Hall on Nov. 18 @ 11 AM.  The sale will feature the first red fullblood bull & female to sell at public auction.  Also, selling is a full sister to both last years NAILE Res. Grand Champ Fullblood Female (pictured below) & the 1997 Res. Champion Fullblood Heifer calf at the American Royal.  Several percentage blood heifers sell including 3 red halfblood heifers out of a Red Angus/Simmy donor, 1 halfblood out of a Heetseeker daughter (raised by Jeff Miller), 1 double halfblood (Maine/Shorthorn/Angus), 1 fancy belted halfblood & others...  

Sale catalog can be viewed @...


ATTENTION JR EXHIBITORS...  Any purchased Lowline from our sale is eligible to compete in our JR Show on the 19th.  We are paying out a top 3, with the Grand Champion taking home $500.  However, we are also paying an additional top 2  to the "purchased animals".  The top "purchased" animal by a JR will take home $300.  So you could potentially win $800!  Not to mention Showmanship which will pay $150 to the champion & our interview contest which pays out a top 5, with $150 being the top prize.    

The Big Show / Selling a flush
« on: September 15, 2009, 03:57:56 PM »
Very similar post to Zach's, but I decided to start a new thread just to make sure that people knew that I was asking some different questions.

If you are selling a flush how would you recommend doing it?  I assume that the buyer usually pays for the semen (I know not always) & flush expenses?  Does the buyer pay for boarding & transport?  I guess what I am asking is what should a seller do & what should the seller require the buyer to do?  Also, would you put a cap on it or just let the buyer have the whole thing?  I was thinking a minimum of 4 freezable eggs.  What would be the best course of action if the flush bombs?  Any advice? 

Thanks in advance!

The Big Show / What do you think of her?
« on: July 31, 2009, 01:09:52 PM »
I haven't posted any pics in a while & I was curious what people thought of this fullblood Lowline heifer calf that I own.  I sometimes get barn blind when looking at my own cattle, so just curious to hear thoughts & opinions about her strengths & flaws.  I'm thinking about getting her in the barn & under fans soon so that she can grow some hair for 2 or 3 fall shows.   

Thanks in advance,

I personally am not worried about "cattle emissions", however, many in this country are.  FWIW, the linked article is positive towards forage/flax & negative towards corn & soy.  The people in the article claim that they have reduced "cow belches" by 13% & another herd has been reduced by 18%.  Another marketing tool for grassfed beef?   ???  Here is the link...


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