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Archived Classifieds / Re: My Turn show heifer * New Pics 6-24
« on: June 26, 2010, 08:12:50 PM »
lLookin goood!!!!! Extreme front end!!!!! She's got just as front end as that Wisdom heifer that sold in the smack down sale last year, I believe Streittmatters bought her?

The Big Show / Re: Calf Pictures
« on: June 24, 2010, 06:03:55 PM »
I wasnt calling yours salebarn calves by anymeans, please dont take it that way!!!  :( I was just implying that some of the salebarn calves turn out as good as the jock/sale bought calves. It all just depends, there are a lot of factors that affect how that steer or heifer turns out fair time. I think you'res are going to look the best when they are finished. We've got an early winter show here in Indiana that you kinda don't wanna do good at, because if you do that means your calf basically looks fully finished and has that finish coat on it already when it shouldn't until July, but this usually just happens with a few of the winners, not all.

You're welcome, they were deserved words. Like I've said before Purple Banners and AI sires that make Purple Banner calves dont lie. Keep up the good work and congrats on your Flashin Lights Sale!!! Hope April Fools found a good home(He'll be in The Show Circuit as a Sire or winner). I'd like to follow him as he gets shown, we'll be watching you're blog for updates!!! :)

The Big Show / Re: First Show Steer (UPDATE)
« on: June 24, 2010, 05:16:56 PM »
Not too bad. I really like your pen setup!!!! Wish I had one that clean and organized.

Archived Classifieds / Re: My Turn show heifer
« on: June 24, 2010, 05:05:28 PM »
If she's already broke to lead, that's worth a few hundred in my book. With the time and effort it takes to break a calf to lead that's worth some money right there. I'm not saying I hate breaking them to lead, but lets face it, its nobody's favorite job. It takes time,effort,patience, and skill. That's worth some mucho deniro in my book.

Do you have any updated pics of her? I'd love to see how she's coming along, especially if she's gettin some guts in her, then she's gotta be gettin "that look" to her. :)

The Big Show / Re: Marketing calves?
« on: June 24, 2010, 04:53:06 PM »
Ditto what LJ said. Make a blog or website. You can do both of these for free. www.webs.com lets you do the website for free. www.blogspot.com will let you do your blog free. Cattle.com will let you put your site address under their links page for free and everytime you update your site it appears on their Directory Updated sites page which I know gets a ton of hits and lots of people visit it. We noticed roughly around an average of 100 more hits easy, once we added our link to our website on Cattle.com. Also add your link to SteerPlanets  breeder directory. This is all FREE and helps a TON. Also get some real good pics of your calves and put them on your computer. Make a homemade flyer/ad of your own, including your info on the calves and yourself, along with sale date/ price(if you want, some dont want price advertised widely). Also include if these calves are related to any winners, donors, bigtime sires. You know any recognizable/notable relationships with some more of the famous cattle, even if its just a county fair champion. Get permission from the directors at the shows and put up your ads. State Fairs, County Fairs, late summer/spring jackpot shows, fall shows, and even some of the early winter shows. Early winter shows also usually have consignment sales for calves that have been shown the day before known as a sale/show, then the next day is the jr. show. So thats another option for you. Sorry for going on so long. Hope this helps :)

But the most important thing is that you get that "GREAT SHOT", that accurately represents your calf/calves at the LEAST. When comparing where to go that weekend to look at calves to buy, your calves have to beat their calves in the pictures. So GET GOOD PICS :) If your calf is better than theirs in the pic, you're most likely getting the business that weekend.

That is one impressive looking heifer. Eye Candy seems to really be working for making steers and heifers. I have a feeling his daughters will make awesome cows!!! A lot of your big time cattle for sale are going to be photoshopped and edited. Its to draw the maximum amount of attention to your cattle and get people to come out to the farm and check out the calves. As long as you dont go to far in the editing and get so unrealistic that people are wasting their time when they come to farm for one thing and find something thats almost the complete opposite. Thats where you build a reputation for yourself, a bad one...

                       Raymond, you do a great job with your cattle. I'd love to do business with you someday, just most of your stuff is out of my pricerange and driving range lol. But if you guys that are criticizing him look at the winners,donors, and AI  sires that his program has produced...well lets put it this way, you cant photoshop a heifer or steer for a judge, and sure as heck cant shop a bull in the yards... Raymond keep up the good work...

The Big Show / Re: Clubby Hereford Bull H2
« on: June 24, 2010, 04:08:32 PM »
http://www.showsteers.com/Dunn/index.htm His pic and info is at the bottom of the page.

The Big Show / Re: Calf Pictures
« on: June 24, 2010, 03:54:02 PM »
Look liked they'd make good county fair calves. Probably not gonna grab Grand easy, but that brockle might be your sleeper and suprise you. I'd say they are better than sale barn calves for sure, but then again that's where some folks get their 4-h calves. Overall a good set of functional looking calves who will make weight if fed right and look good at that finished weight for sure. They'll look their best 4-H week at the county fair, I guarantee you that. My brother and I went out to a friends pasture here in Northern Indiana, he bought a baldy Angus cross and I bought a full blood Angus, I got third in my class of 8, beating out an 1800,1250, and 1000 steers. We paid 400 a piece for ours, they were still bulls, unweaned, and never saw a halter. The champ Angus came out of my class too. Lil elbow grease, a good eye come selection time in the fall, and a good feeding program will take you to the top. Granted third isn't anything big at the county fair, but it was my first year showing beef and I couldn't have been prouder of myself. Just my opinion.

The Big Show / Re: Selling calves?
« on: June 24, 2010, 03:27:16 PM »
Stay in touch. Offer as many tips to them as possible. Make a list of tips, suggestions, feeding programs as the calf gets to certain weights. And if they live fairly close to you, go down to their place and get hands on with the calf showing them how to do daily hair care properly and how to keep the hair growing. Also make sure they know the calf needs its excercise( this will stimulate appetite,muscle growth and overall apperance.) Tell them which feeds and additives work well(vitaferm,epic or shag,full tank,wheat germ, and natural stride if they have problems moving).If money is an issue you could reccommend a lower cost feed if its available in thier area. We feed ADM Dairy Beef for calves that have been weaned to 1200lbs roughly. It cost about 7$/bag on cheap days and 8.50$/ on expensive days. Its got molasses and pretty much the whole nine yards in it for putting weight on fast. Its a 12.5% protein and 3.5% fat(I think, dont quote me). But it puts a wonderful finish on them, and our calves are always in the top of the rate of gain contest at the fair, which we dont even try for. After they hit that 1250lb mark, we feed the 10.5% Steer. 2% Fat if I remember right. Its kind of a holding ration and only runs 6-6.50$ a bag. They will still gain on this but not as fast as the dairy beef. All steers end up about 1325 or a little more around fair time.

2nd option: If you know they arent going to take care of the calf put a bigger price tag on it, hope they say no, but if they do, you made some good money, and maybe they'll say "hey I got 2500 bucks rapped up in this calf,(instead of 1500 or whatever price) I'm gonna get him fed right and take good care of him and turn him into a winner." Hopefully... Just my opinion, I hope it helps. Good Luck!!! :)


The Big Show / Re: NEW TOPIC-Maybe?
« on: June 24, 2010, 03:01:00 PM »

On topic: A few of you brought up full sibs due to embryo transfer, and that is a good point. I also LOVE the idea of giving each project junior a cloned calf and then see how much management makes a difference! That would truly be an eye opener!
Our cattleman used to do a similar thing, by having a scramble and then giving each "winner" a calf that was as closely related as possible. The calves were then shown the next year, and it was incredible the difference!

Well put. St. Joe county has a calf drawing in January. The 4-h'ers sign up for the beef project and are allowed to show up to 2 heifers and 2 steers I believe, don't quote me on the numbers. But what they do is get the beef committee to tag the steers calves i.e. 1-100 and the heifers 1-100, put them in a lot at the county fair and everybody(4-h members) brings their trailer up to the grounds, you basically pick a number out of a hat and that's your calf for the same price as everyone else pays. All calves are priced the same and the committee does their best to make sure the calves are as close as possible in quality. Now I'm not from St. Joe county and dint know the exact process, but this is pretty much how it goes as people have told me.

The Big Show / Re: Arctic Ice heifer
« on: June 24, 2010, 02:24:46 PM »
Your Arctic Ice heifer turned out great, especially for the circumstances. Your tiger woods looks real thick with great hair, maybe a tick on the tall side. Has anyone else noticed that TW adds a little frame? Its been that way on the ones I've seen in person, but these cows needed the frame added to them so it was a win win.

The Big Show / Re: Liveauction.tv & Jr. Nationals
« on: June 24, 2010, 02:19:01 PM »
I know Cattle In Motion is doing the Hereford Jr. Nationals as far as I know. In my opinion better quality video and sound and its much cheaper(1$ lifetime subscription fee!!!) Sorry if I kinda stole your topic... :(

The Big Show / Re: Update To Eat'm or Breed'm
« on: June 21, 2010, 09:34:30 AM »
Those are two nice heifer calves. I really like the first pic :)

The Big Show / Re: Word Association Game
« on: June 20, 2010, 04:15:07 PM »

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