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Cattle Sales / Sun Country Shorthorn Bull and Female sale.
« on: February 27, 2014, 07:39:58 AM »
Our 7th Sun Country Shorthorn Bull and Female Sale will be held on Thursday, March 27th at Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK. The consignors are Horseshoe Creek, Anwender Cattle Co., and Rocking L Cattle Co. On offer will be 33 Shorthorn yearling and two year old bulls and 23 open replacement heifers.
This sale will be broadcast live on www.cattleinmotion.com.
Check our websites for updates including ultrasound data early next week, videos, and current weights, at www.horseshoecreekfarms.com, www.anwendercattlecompany.com and rockinglcattleco.com .


Our Sun Country Sale catalog is now online at www.horseshoecreekfarms.com, www.anwendercattlecompany.com, and www.rockinglcattleco.com
The sale will also be broadcast live on www.cattleinmotion.com.

The sale will be held on March 27th, at Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK.

The Big Show / Everything old is new again!
« on: February 20, 2014, 08:35:14 PM »
We have been using some semen from some Shorthorn bulls from the past that we have always considered to have qualities that would work in most any era. Here are two of the bulls selling in our Sun Country Bull and Female sale on March 27th. Coyote has posted pics of some bulls he is selling this year that are sired by bulls from the past. He certainly should post them in this thread as well if he wants to do so.

1) HC Aussie Flag 303A ET x  - sire Mandalong Super Flag. Dam : Six S Leah 55L
Super Flag was imported from Australia to Canada in the early 70s and he was a breed changing sire as he helped the breed regain some acceptance again in a time when the exotics were having their hay day in the industry.  This bull is soggy, thick and soft made and is also super sound.  His dam has been an outstanding producer here. She has produced 328 grade 1 embryos and we are almost sold out. She has offspring in 8 countries now. Her natural calves have topped 3 of our sales so far.  He had a 90 lb BW unassisted. Non appendix

2) HC Absolute 57A ET X
Absolute is sired by Cumberland Gay Lad and his dam is HC FL Elsie's J-Lo 3T ET x.
Gay Lad was used in the Bonnyview and South Plain herds here in Saskatchewan in the early 70s and he sired numerous test station high gainers and high sellers. His daughters were thick and good uddered. Gay Lad was born in 1966, so these genetics are from some of the foundation polled cattle in the breed. J-Lo 3T is a full sister to our Elsie's Jade donor ( who is pictured in the thread " one of our Junior herd sires". Absolute was the lightest BW bull born here in 2013 at 68 lbs. He is smaller framed but super correct and easy fleshing. I think he could be a good choice for heifers and for adding fleshing ability to most anything. 

Both Super Flag and Gay Lad were homozygous polled so there is a good chance these youngsters are as well. Both are smooth polled.

To me, I think these bulls prove that there are some very useful genetics from the past. But there are also some sires from the past that were bad then and they are bad now. I would suggest that if you want to use older genetics, study your lessons and make sure they have something to offer today.

The Big Show / Touchdown sons
« on: February 10, 2014, 07:21:51 PM »
We just started picturing our bulls and heifers for the Sun Country sale which will be held on March 27th. It has been a nasty job when the temps are close to -40 with wind chill. I am really pleased with how our Touchdown bulls and heifers have done. They are all very thick, moderate and have lots of style. There is not a poor one in the bunch. Some of our best heifers are sired by Touchdown as well. Here are two bulls pictured so far:

1) HC Almanac 41A - BW 88 lbs unassisted from a first calf Major Leroy heifer. Born March 13/13. He weighed 993 lbs on Jan 30th with a gain of 4.39 lb/day since December 28th.

2) HC Annuity 34A -BW 95 lbs unassisted from a Major Leroy cow. Born March 8/13. He weighed 995 lbs on Jan 30th with a gain of 5.87 lbs/ day since December 28th.

I am super impressed with how these bulls are gaining on a 13% pelleted growing ration. This was a real cold month with lots of days at -40 or more with wind chills. A couple days it was equivalent to -58. It was a pleasant surprise when I weighed the pen and found out that 37 bulls averaged 4.17 lb/ day during this period. We will have more pictures as we get them taken on our website and FB page.

It is now less than a week from the start of our Frozen in Time embryo and flush sale on Jan 30th - Jan 31st, 2014. You can view the sale offering at www.edjeauctions.com . We have tried to assemble a uniquely bred set of donors, who have proven to be excellent producing females. We have tried to match these donors with some of the best sires we have owned, and been able to secure semen from, from the present as well as the past. Several new Shorthorn herds have been started from embryos from this sale. In the past 12 months we have sold over 300 embryos to 9 countries around the world. Embryos and semen have become the most economical method of securing new genetics and this has made the entire world our marketplace. Also check out our pregnancy guarantee and our shipping assistance offers in this sale. 

The Big Show / What do you think of this guy?
« on: October 25, 2013, 08:04:20 PM »
Here is a picture that Gerald Spry of Spry's Shorthorns, Wagga Wagga, Australia sent to me tonight. He is sired by Sprys Ace's Patent J44 who was their top selling bull in last years sale at $46,000. Ace's Patent is sired by Waukaru Patent. What do you think of him?

The Big Show / Albert and Walter's latest brainchild
« on: October 01, 2013, 08:52:16 AM »
I don't know about the rest of you but I am mad!  The latest promotional decisons of A&W are beyond ridiculous. They have decided that they will only use beef in their burgers that can be verified to be 100% hormone and antibiotic free. What makes me the maddest is what they don't say in this promotion. It suggests to the average consumer, that there obviously must be something wrong with the North American beef that they buy if a corporation like A&W can no longer use it. You bet this makes me mad!  At no time in history, have beef producers been more concerned about the ethical and safe production of beef for society. At no time in our history, has our food supply been safer. A&W also says in their promotion that they can no longer source enough beef from North American sources, that in their words, " leaves a smaller environmental footprint" is about as earth muffin ridiculous as I have ever seen.
I am so tired of corporations like A&W, trying to manipulate the public conception of the food supply, only to try to gain some market share for themselves... and they do this at the expense of the food producer, for whom they have little or no concern.
I was a pretty loyal supporter of A&W up until now. I always thought that of all the burger joints there were, that they provided the best product. I will not grace their doors for a long time now, and I hope others will do the same. This is beyond stupid. I have already sent A&W an email with my thoughts and I would urge others to do the same. I only have the email for A&W in Canada, but I am sure you can find the American email from your American cattle organizations. The Canadian email is betterbeef@aw.ca.
Albert and Walter... it has been nice to know you!

The Big Show / One of our junior herd sires
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:11:34 PM »
This is HC Free Spirit 6Y ET x*, who is a son of HC Timeline 17T ET x* and New Beginnings Elsie's Jade ( both are  also pictured.)  Free Spirit has spent the past 5 months in stud and we now have semen ready for shipment to Britain and other EU countries, as well as Canada, USA, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and South Africa.
He is out breeding cows now. So far I am impressed with how he is keeping his condition. He had a 90 lb BW - unassisted. He weighed 970 at 9.5 months of age and 1262 at a year. He had an adjusted 12 month rib eye area of 16.1 sq. inches .  He was Reserve Grand bull at Canadian Western Agribition last fall and he weighed 1903 lb there at 21 months.

The Big Show / Embryo splitting
« on: February 24, 2013, 07:54:44 PM »
Today we had a recip calve that was due March 1st according to when the embryo was implanted. She gave birth to a red polled bull, very lively and pretty small so I assumed she had just calved a bit premature for some reason. Then I wondered about twins but thought that would be a very long shot and she really did not appear to be carrying another. 3.5 hours after the first calf was born, I did a pen check and what do I see but another set of feet coming from this black recip. She calved the second calf shortly and it is also a red polled bull. Both calves are running around like gangbusters and the poor mama cow is having trouble keeping up to them. They appear to be absoutely identical in size, color and sex so I am thinking they are the result of the embryo splitting. This is the second time we have had this happen in the past 8 years. I never got them weighed tonight but will get weights first thing tomorrow morning.

Private Treaty Sales / Sun Country Bull and Female Sale now online
« on: February 23, 2013, 06:45:15 PM »
We now have the sale catalog for the Sun Country Bull and Female Sale online on our websites.  It can be viewed at www.anwendercattlecompany.com  , www.mcbethshorthorns.com or www.horseshoecreekfarms.com
Here is a link

We will have current weights and ultrasound data on our websites in a few days.

The Big Show / Fertility or what?
« on: February 09, 2013, 11:28:57 PM »
We purchased Six S Leah 55L in 2007 in the Butterfield dispersal in Alberta for $6300. At the time she was a 6 year old cow. At that time, I had only paid that much for a female on a couple other occasions. For some reason, I was absolutely determined to own this cow and I decided before the sale that if I had to sell 25 cows to pay for her I was willing to do it. Fortunately, I didn't have to do that and fortunately, even my wife, who was sitting beside me when I purchased her, said she thought I had got a bargain!! After the sale, I was told by another breeder,  that I would never get my money back from her as big cows like her, were unproductive and probably unfertile as well. This guy told me, she would never survive on our dry pastures and that she was a cow that needed to be pastured on a field with a pivet on it.  I told this guy that I was willing to take my chances as it had been decades since I had seen a cow as thick and with as much volume as her.I told him that if he was right, and she did not survive in my conditions, I did not think it would result in me losing my farm. I was willing to put my faith in her.  Well she is now 12 years old. She has never had 1 ounce of grain on our farm and she just remained FAT.Not only is she fat, but she is simply huge. 2200 lbs huge. Three people could probably sleep comfortably on her back.   She has spent a considerable length of time at an ET center and they told me that she was kept seperate from most of the other cows and kept on a diet or she simply got too fat.
She produced a bull calf in 2008 that was our top gaining bull in our bull test and topped the sale at $5000. She was kept open and sent to the ET center as we had some requests of embryos from Britain from her. I had no idea what was about to happen. She was flushed 5 times and produced 135 grade 1 embryos ( average of 28 per flush). We decided that in order to keep her fresh, that we should rebreed her and she was bred AI 5 days after her last flush and she conceived. She had a heifer calf that turned out to sell for $5000 in our production sale. The next spring an ET bull calf again topped our bull sale at $9000. She was sent back to the ET center as we sold a flush in her and we had several more inquiries for embryos from her. In this stay she was flushed 8 times and she produced another 195 grade 1 embryos.( average of 24.4 / flush) The lowest flush she has had was 7 grade 1 embryos and that was the flush we sold, however there was a bunch of unfertilized embryos so it may have been a semen quality issue that time. The 8th flush resulted in 28 grade 1 embryos and I was at the ET center that day and I decided that she needed to come home and get rebred. She was loaded on my trailer as soon as the flush was completed and I brought her 600 miles back home and she was dropped off in a pasture with one of our herd bulls. I saw her bred 4 days later and really did not think she would ever settle to that service.... but she did, and this morning, she gave birth to two  very healthy twins. A red neck roan heifer and a solid red bull calf. So far having the mixed sex twins is the worst thing she has done. Most cows that carry twins will drop a little more flesh during the gestation than most of the others in the herd. Not the case with Leah. She is still FAT and it has been a rather cold windy winter. She has been wintered on poor quality hay some of it 4 and 5 years old that was rained on before it was baled. I have been trying to get this stuff fed so the cows were getting 3 bales of the old crappy hay and one good quality bale. The only bedding they have received has been the old hay they did not want to eat.
Leah loves both her babies and has lots of milk for them both. Both calves were running around the pen literally minutes after being born. The heifer calf weighed 62 lbs and the bull calf is 67 lbs. To look at Leah, she has so much body mass that she doesn't even look like she has calved.
I also find it interesting that this female has been flushed 13 times and produced 330 grade 1 embryos and yet she shows no physical signs of ever been flushed. I have a couple other cows that have been flushed twice that have high tail heads, and got coarser fronted. There appears to be major differences between females , even within a breed and within a herd, and within the same cow line. I wonder if there has ever been any studies on why this happens?

Leah has been selected to establish 5 herds in the Shorthorn business. 5 different producers have selected her embryos to establish their new purebred breeding herds with. I doubt if many cattlemen can say they have established 5 new herds in their breed. I will be honest and say that basically all I have done to establish these herds, was to have owned the cow and flushed her. Leah has done the rest.

As I said earlier, she is now 12 years old and she is as sound as the day I purchased her. I expect we will send her back to be flushed some more, as we only have 33 embryos left in our inventory and we have sold 297 embryos to 7 countries. Besides her twins, we are still awaiting the birth of another 15 ET calves from her in March. and April.  I hear we have some pretty good Mandalong Super Flag bull calves on the ground in a cooperator herd we use in Minnesota. I am hoping we get some more heifers from her to add to our herd. Another interesting fact to me, is that while she is so massive in size, she has never produced any offspring here, that were over a 6 frame. They do possess her fleshing ability and her body mass, but none have inherited her mature size, and she has been bred to a wide variety of sires.

I am not telling Leah's story to brag. Far from that. I am telling her story, because I think it is proof that once in awhile a very unique female shows up.I am telling this story to just say that sometimes you cannot judge a book by looking at it's cover.  I expect almost everyone who sees her would say she is way bigger than we want. I would tend to agree, however, I can now overlook that fact when I see how easy fleshing, fertile and trouble free she is. She may die tomorrow, but by the way she looks today at 12 years of age, I can see her still doing her thing at 15 years of age or even older.

Here are two pictures of Leah - the first was taken when she was 7 years old and it was taken the day we weaned a 770 lb bull calf off her ( no creep). The second picture is Leah at almost 11 years of age on a cold -30 F January day.

Just thought I would mention that I have finished posting our online sale of embryos, semen and flushes at www.edjeauctions.com. The sale starts on Feb 1st and ends on Feb 3rd. You can place a maximum bid in the sale system and it will bid for you to that price if you can't be around through the entire sale. Your maximum bid is not known by anyone but yourself.

  Our embryo sales have been very good this past year with 320 embryos sold to 7 countries, In the past month we have sold embryos to 6 different Shorthorn breeders in England, Scotland and Ireland, and we have a tank heading over there soon. Okotoks also has embryos in this shipment as well as several from breeders of some other breeds.

You won't find too many American show genetics in this sale offering, but you will find genetics from what we think are good sires and dams that can produce great breeding cattle. Check it out and contact me anytime if you have any questions. There appears to be a definite demand for these genetics in the US as we have sold embryos to South Carolina, Alabama, Iowa, Illinois, N Dakota, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kansas, and Washington in the past year.

For buyers in this sale, we are offering a delivery incentive. We are offering delivery to a central location in the US ( possibly Hawkeye Breeders, Adel, IA) at no cost to the buyer. These costs can be significant when customs, vet, health papers and courier fees are considered. We will ship all embryos purchased by Canadian buyers at NO COST to them. For overseas buyers we will pay the first $400 of a any shipment to their country. THIS OFFER IS ONLY PROVIDED TO BUYERS IN THIS SALE.

We also offer one of the best guarantees that we know of in the business. We offer a minimum pregnancy guarantee of 50% at 70 days after implantation providing an experienced embryo technician is used. This is why we sell our embyros in packages of 2 or 4.

The Big Show / Things aren't always as they appear!
« on: January 01, 2013, 09:45:47 PM »
Here is a fun fact to consider:

Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, was ahead of Terry Bradshaw on the depth chart for QB of Louisiana Tech, but he decided to leave college with a year of eligibility left so he would have more time to hunt ducks. He also has a Masters degree in Education.

The Big Show / What do you think of this Shorthorn female?
« on: December 09, 2012, 08:03:59 AM »
This female has won the Palermo show in Argentina on 2 occasions. She has been cloned and has 7 cloned sisters in Argentina.  It seems to me, she is kind of where we all want to be heading. What do you think?

The Big Show / Dr Bert Moore
« on: November 11, 2012, 01:00:51 PM »
I heard that Bert Moore was released by the American Shorthorn Association as their Executive Secretary. Anyone else hearing the same thing?

Bert is about as honest and decent a man as I know, and when he was hired, I felt that he would have a hard time pleasing everyone in this breed. If this is true, I wish Bert all the best in his future endevours and I want to say thank you for he did while he held this position.

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