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Author Topic: First Choice Online Sales  (Read 16267 times)

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First Choice Online Sales
« on: February 18, 2014, 08:04:10 PM »
Welcome everyone,

We would like to introduce you all to your new innovative livestock auction company; First Choice Online Sales. First Choice was formed to meet the need of an online auction service that combines innovation, creativity, and an eye for the future. We have put together a custom designed software platform with brand new features to help market your livestock. In an era where there seems to be numerous sales nightly, it is important to make sure that any interested party does not miss your auction. First Choice is the auction company that can provide that service for you by our new selling features. No longer will you have to worry if anyone is going to remember your sale out of the other 30 sales that week. When there were only a handful of sales a week, this was not an issue. Now that there are numerous sales nightly, it is a challenge to make sure your cattle aren't overlooked. We have the features to help you do this.

First Choice has restructured the commission schedule to offer EVERYONE affordable commission based on 1 factor; your sale gross.
6% commission if your sale grosses less than $100,000.
5% commission if your sale grosses more than $100,000.

Are you concerned with your bidder number being given away or identified? We have solved this issue and are the only online livestock auction company of our type with this feature. Just to add a little more comfort and security for you, our software is set up so that not even the sale manager can see your bids or check your bidder number. No longer will you have to wonder if you are getting ran up.

Other features that our system offers:
Priority Bidding - Prioritize a group of animals and set prices for each animal and let the system bid for you. It will only bid on the number of animals you wish to purchase and will drop to your lower priorities automatically if the animal exceeds your price limit.
Next Bid - No longer will you have to type in bids and scroll down the page and then type in more information to submit a bid. If you are signed in, simply click the Next Bid button, confirm, and your bid is placed instantaneously.
Automatic Refresh - Our system automatically refreshes for you. Forget having to refresh constantly at the end of an auction.
Bid, browse, and watch videos all on one page with our system. You shouldn't have to go back and forth from page to page to view animals. With our system, you don't.

We are dedicated to providing you the "Cadillac" of online auction systems, and this is only the first version. Wait until you see the features that are in the pipeline.

All of those features are valuable, but where we believe the true value comes from with this company is the people. The First Choice partnership consist of a group of cattlemen, breeders, and livestock enthusiast. A group that has the proven track record of buying and selling some of the top females and club calves across the United States for decades. This group offers you so much more than uploading and managing your auction. Wouldn't you want to do business with the group that is looking to bid on and purchase your livestock?

Our website is still partially under construction but check out the group of sales that have already jumped on board with First Choice. While you are there, get registered and be one of the 5 selected to win $100. It cost nothing. Just register and you could win $100.


Just by reading this we know your are a livestock enthusiast just like us. If you are interested in being the next breeder to take your program to the next level with the First Choice advantage, we would love to speak to you. We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you at sales and shows in the future.


Clark Bixler
Dustin Glover
Chad Chaplin
Casey Horn
Carter Airhart

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