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Title: Sick pregnant pigs
Post by: truongthanh on September 18, 2015, 04:48:12 AM
I thought I posted before but I don't think it showed up. I have 5 pregnant pigs that are all due at the end of this month. Today they stopped eating and started vomiting. They are free range but did not leave the house, which they do every other day. I thought it could be food but one of my workers said in his village his wifes pigs got sick like mine and were also pregnant and died in 2days which had me worried. tác dụng của quả óc chó (
I called the local "vet" (not sure how much training he has but this is rural cambodia so he has needles and antiobotics so we call him a vet). The vet said he could not come because another owner of pregnant pigs just called him. I am not sure it only gets pregnant pigs by my staff said they have only head of it killing pregnant pigs. No one seems to know what it is and they say this is the first time they have seen this problem. The pigs did have bumps on their skin starting a week ago but it happend right after I put down new rice husks for bedding so I thougt and still think it was ant bites. They were eating normally and moving like normal until today. They do not feel hot and actually felt cooler than normal but I guessed that was because they stayed out of the sun today and just layed down all day. There is no good vet I can get to and I have no idea what disease would make them all get sick on the same day, no fever, but vomiting, and laying down. I didn't see any go but yesterday their stool was normal. Any help would be good as the info I am getting from the local farmers is that some disease is killing pregnant sows shortly after they get it?

Thanks for any help