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« on: March 20, 2008, 09:14:26 PM »
was looking around internet at different breeds and seen galloways, knew they are in a few bulls today, some hairy things :D, was wondering how they milk, calve,muscle, etc etc. looks like a good investment to get some gallo's. good looking cattle

anybody want to share some info about them

The livestock (show) industry is a tough one- if you've never had anything worth a damn you might as well go on the internet and rundown everybody you can.

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Re: galloways
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2008, 06:29:48 AM »
I worked with them for abouta year... The solids are ok with milk and hold their condition pretty well on just hay. Temperment- horrible. The only cattle....scratch that...the only animal that I have ever been in fear for my life from. 1 cow had a backwards calf and was having a hard time so i jumped in th pen to help her..she was ok with that I got her calf out and no sooner did that calf's head hit the ground was she up, turned around, and after me she hit me a few times (but i think my high pitched scream helped) and she went after me all the wasy over the fence. another cow had a sick calf and was in a 15x20 stall so three of us went in to treat the calf with canes... yeah right she was on all three of us no matter where we went...we had to corner her with the bobcat pushed against the wall...we shipped her and her calf and the guys at the auction wanted to split her calf so when she wasnt looking thery put a water bucket over the calf and slid him out. Same cow was in a pen with about 6 more cow calf pairs and I had to egt a calf blanket on off...so I grabbed the calf (which wasnt hers) and it let out the calf bellow.....Her momma didnt care but that galloway sure did pushed me right over the fence!. They dont have as good results flushing and get some really bad attitudes. SUPER hairy with hair pretty easy to train... Some of the smaller cows had problems calving and there are a few lines of bulls ( like any breed) that you want to avid  due to high calving weights. On the other had I know a young lady in 4-h that has them around here and they are sound, sane and good cattle for her. I broke a few they were misurable creatures...but on a show ration the gain really good but put fat deposits in funny places. Just my opinion on them.
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