Jason says: First let me thank Kirk Stierwalt for doing the chat for the 2nd Annual Time.  I would also like to thank Weaver Leather, who is carrying a signature line of Kirk Stierwalt products for the cooperation and advertisement of the chat.  Kirk when you are ready, go ahead and take the floor.

Kirk Stierwalt says: Hi Everybody, thanks for hanging out here tonight!

pork8444 says: Is there a web site we can find your products

Kirk Stierwalt says: @pork8444 just got done doing one last weekend in Cannon Falls and have two other ones scheduled check my website for contact info. As far as products it will be avail. in some farm stores and valley vet, jeffers, supreme show supply, pbs animal health, pro fit, were getting more distributors in the fut.

Dixie says: I’ve tried to get ahold of your DVD series since last fall for my 4-H members, but was originaly by the company that there would be a new version coming out. Of course that did not happen. Is there any chance that you will be putting out a new series? Any “new” trends that we should be aware of? Hoping to make one of your clinics later this year with a few kids.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Dixie  there will be a new series of DVD’s this year. I’m pretty excited about that

SD says: Have you had a chance to look over Conair’s FX Brushless Motor Clipper? What do you think of it?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @SD I’ve looked at it, I prefer the andis 5 speed, Im pretty addicted to those clippers. I like the small size and the rubber grip, and they are high speed.

justme says: Just wanted to say I really enjoyed all your clinics at AkSarBen  this past year

Kirk Stierwalt says: @justme thanks I really enjoy it up there and its fun getting to see a lot of the people that I grew up with. Fran does a great job, I appreciate your comments!

Big O says: How do your fitting products differ from other available fitting products?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Big O    there are about four things first the formulas are different and started from scratch, second the shape of the can allows for easy finger placement and for youth to be able to handle the product eaiser third we spent a lot of time as far as the nozzle goes, and fourth and something that I think is the biggest, is none of the products contain methythene Chloride, which is a noted cancer causeing agent! WIth youth and family I think that is important

PaFFA Proud says: This is my first and final year showing a steer as a jr., I was wondering what are judges expecting when you walk in the ring?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @PaFFA Proud   I think that daily care influences the look of the calf and creates a competitive spirit in the exhibitor and naturally well presented with mangmt. a judge can tell

showinfarrms says: I am intersted in these new products, what are they more specifically and where can I buy them?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @showinfarrms see earlier post. Weaver is in the process of having a dealer locator on their new website.

coachmac says: Kirk, have you used the Boss serried blowers and what are your thoughts?  Also wanted to say thanks for setting up a fitting clinic at Simmie Jr nationals !

Kirk Stierwalt says: @coachmac thanks looking forward to it,   we love our magnum blower to me its the only true heated blower out there.

Outlaw says: How do you go about becoming a distributor?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @outlaw   contact Lisa Shearer at weaver leather, she will be more than glad to help you out!

AC Cattle says: Will you have any clinics close to Florida this year?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @AC Cattle    just keep an eye on my website, Ive did a lot of clinics at Arcadia and Ive battled hurricane or two as well! Its always been fun going down there! Good People!

Astnctl says: If you were to building a cooler, would you have the washrack in the cooler?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Astnctl    we dont like it in the cooler from a humidity standpoint, ours is sep. due to the fact we wash during the day and we don’t want to constantly occupying the cooler to get other cattle washed. We have pipe in our concrete to keep the cattle standing straight. I think that is huge and was a big improvement

Open to the World says: What do you think about the Open to the World Show?  Have you heard about it, or maybe plan on attending?  Grand wins $10,000 and absolutely anyone can show.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Open to the World    I think it is great! and a good deal! and any oppt. for cattle people to run at that kind of support is a good thing.

slounchers says: What are the new aerosols coming out with weaver leather

Kirk Stierwalt says: @slounchers    we have different stren. of adhesives and different options with paints, the glues are forgiving its gives you the oppt to add more to the leg ect… and still be able to get a comb through it, the powder white is great stuff as it is easy to clip through we have varierty of paints for diff. breeds of cattle reds, and browns as well as black and our aerosols remover is awesome for refitting

Kirk Stierwalt says: @slounchers    I forgot…….Im a big fan of the lusters pink oil, its light and it relaxes the hair open the propink is the orginal formula, and if you need a heavier oil the progloss is heavier but still light and I love the smell of it.

PaFFA Proud says: Im having an issue getting the hair on my calf to grow. I am rinsing, blowing, and brushing everyday. Any tips or products I could use?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @PaFFA Rroud   keep doing what your doing,  dont panic, we are  in the time of year that shedding is a normal process, genetics can be a factor, it is important to get the dead hair out now, and this helps break the new hair coming in. we put ours on SHAG a 100 days out,

steer711 says: Have you seen any I 80 calves and how do they look?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @steer711    I have not seen any!

Cruiser says: How did  you learn to clip cattle? Do you have a tip or two for anyone starting out?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Cruiser   start on young cattle as theres not as much area and you can see a big change quickly, having the right equipment is important and I did a lot of watching and asking questions when I first started out

drl says: Can you go through the process you go through with product names when you fit a leg with your new products?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @drl    here it goes……..on a black calf, we start with a drill brush first then I like using the strong adhesive. We like to dust in white powder then we like to comb in more strong adhesive to the desired texture. Then we like to clip out the leg after it is dry, if we are going to build it then we add layers of strong adhesive and white powder to add volume to the hair. We like to cover with rust, our base black is not ready so were using jet black and then glossy black to brighten and on a colored calf we prob. back off the white powder for color matching purposes. The dark cherry is for darker red cattle, rust is for lighter red cattle, and shop talk is cinnamon is dark herford and fawn is light herford. Hope this helps and good luck!

coachmac says: Kirk, do you use any filler products as a beet pulp replacement for capacity?  If so what product/s have worked for your program?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @coachmac     there is a new one out that I am pumped up about, its called depth charge from honor show chow, you will see results in two days, its a great product!

Jenea DeQuasie says: Hi Kirk:  We have a steer weighing 1114.  Our county fair is first week in August, I want him to weigh in at fair at approx. 1360-75.  I want to jackpot this steer starting next month.   He is eating 16# of show chow finishing touch and hay right now.  How can I control his weight to come out on target at fair but also keep him gaining and fresh for our jackpots?  I also want to say that we attended the Colorado workshop and got to visit at Stock show a bit–you are wonderful!!!!!!  I hope we can get to a workshop again soon.  Thank you!!!!!!  My daughter says she loves you!!!!!!

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Jenea DeQuasie    thank you for the comments, its people like you that make what I do fun………….would you email some pics of the calf its gonna depend on how we might hold him, I need to see hows he built before I suggest anything……my contact info is on my website.

firesweepranch says: Kirk, is your Shag product recommended for cows also? We like showing cow/calf pairs and it is always hard to get hair to grow on the cows!

Kirk Stierwalt says: firesweepranch   sure, and we have it for heifers, goats, sheep, you need to contact PBS animal health. they have great shipping.

PaFFA Proud says: I have to say I just luv the halters you came out with I had a hard time choosing but ended up with the Dark Dazzle which is age appropriate for the older showgirls unlike the sullivan Bling halters. Also I love the different chains for different control of the animal, they are just like bits for horses…thank you for the genius idea!

Kirk Stierwalt says: @PaFFA Proud    thanks, and its always good to have options depending on the cattle and the show that you are attending the cattle can act different on different days, younger kids need more control to. We have horses to so that makes perfect sense. Hopefully they will not have as many bits as my wife and daughter have…lol

daddyshowgirl says: have you ever tried or know anyone that had success with clipping (Slick-Shearing)  the calf’s hair on the body down tight now so that they regrow their thick hair back better without having to deal with pulling dead hair out all summer. First show isn’t until June….

Kirk Stierwalt says: @daddyshowgirl   depending on the breed for example angus, herfords, some shorthorns, it can be  beneficial. Some states with fescue they can retain that dead hair , in club calf cattle those cattle usually never get slick. We don’t slick shear them as there is some risk to the hair becoming coarser. We like to use a shedding brush with a hacksaw blade inside of it, and combining with worming protocol to help loosen it off. I still think brushing out the dead hair trains the new hair coming in, its harder work but more rewarding in the end.

rasor club calves says: Kirk, we have a steer that is on about 20lbs 14% show feed.Regular exercise too.  He is about 1000lbs and sweats in 30 degree weather, no fans, cool dark pen. why is this happening?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @rasor club calves    some cattle draw moisture, and I think it depends on the type of hair they have,  is his disposition good? Has the weather been damp? We run a fan on them all the time, but we have wind and little moisture, I think they will draw moisture if there isn’t little breeze (not a prob. in Oklahoma …lol) If he is healthy and gaining I wouldn’t worry about it, just keep him under fans and keep some air moving on him

wrc says: Thanks for coming on here tonight.  Do you have any tips for dealing with wavy Herford hair?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @wrc       Some hair is so wavy and kinky that body clipping and starting over can help. I would try propink daily; comb and then blow in. We use the blower on our cattle and work hair forward constantly.

tncattlemom says: we were given a quart of procharge but I’m not sure how/why to use it???

Kirk Stierwalt says: @tncattlemom The aerosol procharge is a light conditioning spray with olive oil. I like olive oil for skin and hair and it leaves a nice shine and gives the hair body. The liquid is the same formula. This is an awesome product and has been well received. You can use it daily,  straight or cut with sheen or propolish. It can be economical if you have several head to cover. I like it because of its versatility. It is a product you can play around with and adjust it to different types of hair while still conditioning the skin.

Jenea DeQuasie says: Hi kirk i’m Alex I would like to personally thank you for all you did for me. I went to your clinic last summer in Colorado and you really taught me a lot. We are delighted we could ask your advice on our steer thank you. we will be sure to send you the pics. you are my hero!!!!!!!!

Kirk Stierwalt says: @ Jenea DeQuasie  Thank you, you are my hero to!!!!!

new2showing says: we are new to the show ring and walking us through the products was helpful, thank you. You made mention of remover, I saw you have an aerosol and a liquid what is better, or is there a difference

Kirk Stierwalt says: @new2showing  The liquid is oilier and we use it if we don’t have to refit the same day or the next day. It is great if we just have to break down and go home. The aerosol remover(soon to be called refit) is a totally different formula and is designed for times when refitting is necessary. You are having a good day when this happens. For example we won our class in Denver this year and broke him down with the aerosol remover and turned around and got him ready again three hours later for the grand drive. His legs fit  better the second time because they were clean and no oily residue. Both products contain and have a citrus smell. I dig the aerosol for refitting. I think it is in a league of its own

TWR says: Which comb do you use when boning legs? plastic teeth, metal teeth, fluffer, skip tooth?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @TWR We use metal tooth combs, I think adhesive builds up to fast on the plastic ones.

Aussie says: What trends do you see emerging in show steer type or do you think more of the same

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Aussie  I think more of the same. I think these cattle are really good right now. I think we are as close to combining the commercial world to the show world with performance and eye appeal. Technology has increased the genetic potential of these cattle today. I get to wondering how much better we can make them. Lot of difference from when I showed to what they are today. Cattle and kids….how can you go wrong. You can’t put a price on memories.

prfarms says: Kirk – just want to say my daughter has your showmanship video and learned a lot from it last year.  She learned enough to take Grand Champ. Jr. Showmanship out of 27 in her age division.  Are all your show halters  available through Weaver Leather or is there somewhere else that we can look at them?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @prfarms  Yes all halters and chain options are manufactured by Weaver and distributed through there distributors(see earlier post).

Kirk Stierwalt says: Contact Weaver and they can give you your nearest distributor, they are a very helpful company.

Blue25 says: Do you try to keep the winter hair on steers when they start shedding it or do you try to get it out so they can grow fresh, new hair

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Blue25 We brush the dead hair out and that helps train the new hair coming in. We might block them in extra tight if they are shedding uneven. More work but it has it has its advantages at the end. Alot depends on the breed

coachmac says: Kirk, I am really intrigued by your new line of glue, remover, hair care products!  Was it a hard decision to come up with your own line? Thank you for your previous responses as well!

Kirk Stierwalt says: @coachmac   Hard decision…no in the sense it was a great opportunity for me and my family, Challenging…yes, Rewarding…yes, as with anything there are good days and bad days…lots of work with trial and error. It has been alot of fun and we have lots of stuff to come. Just trying to make your job easier and make you more competitive with good looking cattle.

Blue25 says: How much do your clinics typically cost

Kirk Stierwalt says: @Blue25  You would need to contact the contact person at the specific clinic you are interested in attending. Hope to see you there sometime.

herfchic says: I have a really thick haired hereford.  She is originally from Canada, and is now in IL.  She has started shucking already.  Should I shear her down, body clip her down real tight, or just try and work it out.  It pains me to think about taking all that wonderfully straight hair off.

Kirk Stierwalt says: @herfchic  If you are going to jr. nationals clip down tight in the near future, if you are going to jackpot brush out dead hair, it will get good again

herfchic says: Thanks Kirk.  I’ve been thinking about it for awhile.

coachmac says: Kirk, will you have the new product line available for purchase at your upcoming clinic in Nevada?

Kirk Stierwalt says: @coachmac  No but I will have plenty of stuff there for you to use and try before you buy

coachmac says: Excellent opportunity!  I am sure everyone will appreciate that!  Thanks again for an awesome Q and A!  My hats off to Jason and Kirk.  Thanks guys!

shortygirl says: Where is the best place to find out the information about your complete product line?  www.weaverleather.com ?

Kirk Stierwalt: @shortygirl   Yes, catalogs are being distributed now.

MCC says: kirk: do you have daily hair care products too or just show day products?

Kirk Stierwalt: @MCC   Daily care would be procharge conditioning spray, progloss is a lightweight all purpose oil, propink is the original lusters pink oil formula and propolish which is a very unique sheen.  Hope that helps.

Kirk Stierwalt: @tncattlemom  Propolish is a unique sheen it is super light, extra shiny, and it is slick to the touch, you usually can’t clip with sheen but with this you can. We worked really hard on this one because I am picky about the sheen. It took about three months to get it right. It is one of my favorite products.

ccrider: In an earlier blog you did, you mentioned a ration that had precon and grand4tfyer, i am looking for something to feed weaning calves and put that extra bloom on them.

Kirk Stierwalt: @ccrider   I would feed the 4tfyer mix and precon at 2/3 and 1/3, that will get you the bloom and the body. If they are not getting fat enough back off the precon a little

tncattlemom says: Kirk thanks for the response!you mentioned adding propolish to the procharge….what is propolish?? sheen??

Kirk Stierwalt: @tncattlemom  Propolish is a unique sheen it is super light, extra shiny, and it is slick to the touch, you usually can’t clip with sheen but with this you can. We worked really hard on this one because I am picky about the sheen. It took about three months to get it right. It is one of my favorite products.

Jason: I will have to put this to a close or we will have Kirk up all night answering questions.
Just like last year, Kirk delivered a new all time record for the most users on steerplanet at the same time, 597, eclipsing last year’s record of 355.
I would like to personally thank Kirk again (as well as his typers) and I ask you to look at his website at kirkstierwalt.com for upcoming fitting clinics, also please visit weaverleather.com to check out Kirk’s signature line of grooming products as well as his leather products.
I will have a complete write-up of all the questions and answers available tomorrow morning.
Thanks again!

Kirk Stierwalt: thanks to our Ag teacher Jay Muret and his wife Laurie for typing and helping me out tonight !!!
Kirk Stierwalt: thanks again goodnight !!!! enjoyed it !!!!!
Kirk Stierwalt: fyi—-Profit out of illinois is handling it also…..thanks Kirk
Kirk Stierwalt: Just want to say thanks to Jason and Steerplanet I really enjoyed the last time we did this and it has also been a blast this time as well. I appreciate all your questions, I hope we got all of your questions answered. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, we answer alot of questions and I enjoy helping out. Thanks to Weaver for sponsoring this chat this evening. All of my contact information is on my website. Good luck at the shows, I am thankful I get to do things I enjoy with the people I enjoy as well. Signing off……………………………